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Travel Resorts Of America Scam

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Travel Resorts of America Scam


In this article we tell you how to stay safe from Travel resorts of America scam !

A message flashed on your phone which says “Congratulations, you have won the free ticket to America”. You might be very happy, excited, and eager to call on the number but wait are you sure is it worth giving a thought?

Travel is something that we love. Going on a vacation or a business every trip needs proper planning and booking. You look for the best options available in your budget or if you are a regular traveler you look for some membership coupons.

If you are planning to travel to America or any other part of the world then, the first thing that hits your mind is booking a resort or a hotel or looking for some combined packages offering some heavy discounts.

But, hey, you need to be careful while making any booking. Don’t worry there is nothing so serious but taking some precautions is always good.

This article is related to travel scams with the case study of travel resorts of America scam.

Don’t be a sucker; you need to investigate properly so that you don’t get trapped in any such scams.

Vacation club is a deal that asks you to join the travel membership program and offer you a heavy discount on your vacation trips. However, as soon as you pay the joining fee you will realize the services offered are way different then what you were told initially.

Before you look for any such membership do proper research, analysis, and question.

Travel resorts of America scam

travel resorts of america

The travel resort of America is more like a timeshare company for the campground. It has and operates around six private resorts of the campground in different parts of the USA from New York to California.

It provides its members various perks for free or in much-discounted rates. They use high-pressure tactics and convince you to come in a written agreement of membership with them for RV campground membership.

There are these “high pressure” tours for full-time members which sounds so good and pretty amazing. But, just remember all that glitters is not gold maybe it is a trick to get you in a trap. You can’t guarantee their services and quality.

These types of “high pressure” tactics have been in the market for so long. The packages seem really attractive and sales pitcher won’t quit until he convinces you.

The worst part is even if you cancel the membership they debit amounts from your bank account without your consent. Many customers did complain about the payments being deducted from their accounts without their knowledge.

If they ask the authorities about it they either ignore or refuse to pay back the amounts.

Many customers even stated that they are frustrated because of high-pressure tactics, shady business tricks, and online cancellation practices they offer.

There are various cases where customers have filed complaints that unauthorized payments are being deducted and if they request to get out of the membership, it becomes impossible.

The services are of low quality and in many cases, they haven’t even given accommodations and ruined the vacation.

These scams are everywhere and many places try to lure you with special gifts and discounts. Once you are convinced to be a part of the membership, there is no going back.

Reasons why is it a scam?

You will never be able to get back to the calculations they offer to you during the presentation. The actual amounts that duped you to buy the membership or product are never hand over to you in written or any other format.

It is mentioned in the contract that the customer needs to inform about the vacation or booking 60 days before during the peak season.

But, many customers complained that even if they inform them in advance there is no difference. The constant state that the hotel you are looking for is pre-booked.

There are many hidden payments in the presentation that are nor shown or talked about. As a result of the amount or budget of your vacation doubles.

How to be careful?

fraud alert

Never share any of your personal details with anyone like account number, bank details, security numbers, or any other important information to random callers or people who demands.

Scammers can contact you through a spoof id to make it look that they are from a trusted organization. In that case, ask them about their personal information like name or phone number or any other details.

Check the authenticity of the person by calling or researching about the company and the salesman who called you.

If he claims that he is calling from a place that has your account or details. Hang up the call look for the details and then, call the company back.

It might be possible when you check-in into the hotel after a few hours you might receive a call claiming to be from the front desk and asking the details of the card that you used during checking in.

This person might be a scammer with no connection from the hotel. Ask the caller that you will come to the reception and settle down the problem there. Don’t give your debit or credit card details however legit the reason is.

Avoid buying a ticket from someone on the street. The technology is so advanced these days that it can make a simple paper appear as authentic.

These scammers make a cut copy of the website to make it look legit. So, before making any payments check the website carefully.

Don’t pay money through any irreversible method of payment. Look for the URL of the website if in doubt; compare it with homepage characters of the company.

Stay careful about travel resorts scam

So, next time when you look for a suitable place to book make sure you have crossed checked every information and checked all the reviews.

Don’t hustle and make payments, just go through every detail. Beware about the frauds and scams. You can enjoy your luxurious vacation even in cheaper price that these companies offer.

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Stay cautious.

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