Top 10 Beautiful Places In The World

Top 10 Beautiful Places In The World

In this post we will talk about Top 10 beautiful places in the world which you will love to visit !

The world is filled with many amazing beautiful destinations. From glaciers to beaches to plains to plateaus we have many extraordinary places with mesmerizing beauty and scenic landscape. There is no word to define the beauty that this world holds and you cannot decide which destination is better than others. Are you confused about which place to go or are planning for a world tour? This blog will help you out in making a better decision. 

List of top 10 beautiful places in the world

Here is the list of top 10 beautiful places in the world. You need to add these places to your bucket list and must-visit them once in a lifetime. 


The best part of Santorini Costal is the stunning sunset views it offers. This village has a significant role in Greek ancient culture. There are many recreational beaches and bookshops. You can enjoy the authentic Greek cuisine and swim in Amoudi Bay. And can shop local hand-made pottery or quirky hand- pictures to gift your friends and family. You can explore the charming alleyways and churches as well.


History, panoramic views, and culture you will experience it all in Niagara Falls. You can see all the three falls falling together from the observation Tower. For an unforgettable memory don’t miss out Maid of Mist boat tour. The old fort of Niagara and caves of wind are other destinations worth visiting. The mesmeric beauty will make you fall in love with it and if you are a passionate hiker you just cannot miss out on this destination. 


The Iceland Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular destinations. You will be surprised to know that the hot water there is the result of the volcanic landscape which produces heat water. While this place is packed with tourists all around the year but if you want less crowd you can visit this place in winter. It is advised to take a shower before jumping into the pool.


Venice is one of the most famous spots in Italy. This is the place of romance and history. You will find many canals, architecture, colorful towns over here. Venice is quite small but it is worth your visit. You can enjoy the walk around the entire place. St Mark Square is the spot where resides in the heart of Venice. If you want to see the entire city you can climb the Campanile or the most famous bridge Ponte di Rialto.


Havasu Falls is an exceptionally beautiful destination built for hikers. But it is not easy to get in here as you won’t find any roads. You can reach here by walking for 4-5 hours. Once you get in here you will get lost in its rocky and sandy environment. You need to have a permit before visiting this spot because it belongs to Havasupai Indian Tribe. You need to stay here overnight and can do camping as well but have to bring in your own equipment.


South Africa is not a place where you will only find the only forest. It has much more to offer one such place in Cape Town. It is one of the most beautiful destinations that you will ever come across. Whether you want to enjoy cocktails or are looking for contemporary art this is your place. A perfect blend of African, Malay, and European culture this destination has many things to offer.

 If you are a hiker and are looking for an amazing place to explore then, Table Mountain is the right destination. The spectacular views make it a place worth visiting. If you want to witness the beauty from the top but are not in a mood of hiking, then you can book a cable car as well.

What makes Robben Island special is Nelson Mandela was sentenced here for 27 years of his life with other political leaders. If you want to know the real struggle of people who fought against the apartheid Robben Island Museums Prison will let you experience the pain and struggle. This place is now a UNESCO heritage site. 

If you are a shopaholic and want to experience the authentic flavors of South African cuisine then, don’t miss out Neighborhood market. You will find trendy goods and popular food over here. But this market opens on Saturday after 9. 


Khajjiar is a place of spellbound beauty. Also, known as mini Switzerland this place is one of the most beautiful destinations of the Himachal. You can enjoy activities like zorbing or get magnetized by the alluring sunset views. Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is located in between Khajjiar and Dalhousie. This is a must-visit place for hikers and those who want to enjoy nature closely. You will find Blue Pine, Green Oak, Rhododendron, gorals, Himalayan marten, langur, jackal, and many other animals over here. Khajjiar Lake is the most beautiful spot. If you are looking for some peace in your life then, do visit this heaven. Locals and tourists enjoy zorbing, horse riding, paragliding, picnics, view of Kailash Mountain, and what not!


There are many picturesque villages like Rota, Ladi which offer breathtaking views of Kailash Mountain. This is the best place for photographers who want to capture nature in its most beautiful form. 


Santigo is a blend of modern and traditional culture. This place in South America is known for its historical buildings, mountains, city culture. 

Parque Quinto Park is not like any other park this is the spot where you can see the Chilean lifestyle and enjoy watching people. Quinto has many museums if you want to learn about their history and culture. There is a train museum as well. Along with it, there is a public swimming pool, football grounds, picnic spots, a fountain, and rowboats. You won’t find many tourists in Santigo but this is a worth visiting destination. 


The most famous tourist destination of Spain, the Cardoba is known for its fascinating history. Do visit Mezquita-Catedral which is one of the great mosques and oldest structures. This mosque is an example of brilliant architecture. The Calleja de las Flores is the alley of flowers, this place has white houses with flowers all around. This is a must love part for any photographer. You can enjoy Cordoba Fair, local dishes, old structures, and scenic beauty. 


The Pyramid of Giza is the land of magnificent pyramids. This is the world’s one of the most tourist recognized destination. You will find a solar boat museum, eastern cemetery, western cemetery, the pyramid of Chephren over here. Experience the horse ride and camel ride through the Pyramid of Giza. You can enjoy the sound and light pyramid under the sky at night. 

So here are all Top 10 beautiful places in the world which you can dream about!

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