Top 5 Best Reasonable Stay In India | Low cost Stay In India 2022

Top 5 Best Reasonable Stay In India | Low cost Stay In India 2022

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Best places to stay in India

Hey Guys, welcome back to our new and fresh article. So, today I am gonna tell you about the Top 5 Best Reasonable Stay in India. Basically, I will tell you about some places where you can stay in different states.

Best Reasonable Stay in India | hotel in India
Best Reasonable Stay in India

So be ready to have a look at those places. The places I am gonna tell you in today’s article are the most reasonable. This means the place is beautiful and the most important thing they are less costly or affordable. 

So Guys, read the full article don’t skip anything otherwise you can’t understand it. So without wasting more time let’s get start our today’s topic which is Top 5 Best Reasonable Stay in India. 

Indian hotels at reasonable price | India low cost hotel
Indian hotels at reasonable price

1. Yurutse Homestay

As we all know about the beauty and the wonderful land of the Ladakh. Because the beauty and the amazing landscape of Ladakh the photographers, artists, and many more tourist called Ladakh as the Canvas of Majestic Landscape.

So if you visit Ladakh, on your way a valley called Markha comes. So there is a village Yurutse Homestay. That place was too good. There landscape, a view of the mountains from there. Everything is fantastic. So guys if you visit Ladakh don’t forget to go Yurutse Homestay.

That place is such a reasonable stay place. The charges are low and the satisfaction of nature and the environment is very high. So if your are in Ladakh or planning to visit Ladakh don’t forget to visit there.

2. Resort Tree House, Yuithri

Resort Tree House | stay in Resort Tree House
Resort Tree House

I think there is no need to give information about the most beautiful and well known destination Kerala. Kerala is such a favorite and most loving place of the people. Because the nature the environment and the culture of Kerala is too so it makes it the best destination to visit. 

If you are in Kerala or you are thinking to visit Kerala so don’t forget to stay in Resort Tree House. Especially nature or greenery-loving people. You can stay peacefully there because the house is in between the forest. 

The sound of the birds in forest and nature you know that would be an awesome experience. So in Yuithri you can book a Resort Tree House and stay there. Also prices are affordable in the context of services they provide and everything. So pack your bags for the wonderful visit.

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3. RAAS, Jodhpur

As you all know about the Rajasthan. It a cultural and very Historical place. If you are a curious person and wanna to be know about Historical and cultural things Rajasthan is best place for you. And not only this there was many things to do and many places to visit. 

So there was a place or I have to say a Hotel which is RAAS. They promises to there visitor that they provide the stay like in 18th Century Indian Haveli. Means you can experience that time of living in the Hotel.

The Hotel is made like old time Haveli’s where the king lived. So this is the best place to experience historical culture things. You will be treated as the King in that hotel and the experience would be amazing. But it doesn’t mean that all things is old there. 

They gives there hotel a modern touch or some modern things to make the work easier. But the facilities and other things are too good. You check their hotel reviews online and also book them. If you are in Rajasthan pack your bags to stay there. 

4. UrbanPod Hotel, Mumbai

Mumbai UrbanPod Hotel
UrbanPod Hotel

Mumbai is the dream place for artists. Because most of the film industries are in Mumbai. So there was a hotel called UrbanPod Hotel. In 1979 the Japan introduced a concept of capsule rooms or we can say Pod Hotels. Which was like you are staying in a capsule which gives you a different level experience.

So in 2017 Mumbai also take this concept and make a UrbanPod Hotel. There are 140 pod divided for couples, for solo, and for women only pod. By staying there you can experience that you living in a capsule. Not only this the facilities they provide are also good.

So if you are in Mumbai or planning to visit Mumbai don’t forget to take experience once in this hotel.    

5. Guhantara Resort, Kaggalipura

As we all know about the beauty of the Bengaluru. There are many things that are created beautifully. One of the best and resort of India is there called Guhantara Resort. This Resort is different from all other resorts in India. The specialty of this resort is that this is an underground cave resort.

Which makes it unique from all the other resorts. There you can take the best experience. If you are making plan to visit Bengaluru because there are many places to visit and specially this Resort. So don’t forget to stay at least 1 or 2 nights there. Definitely, this will give you a great experience. So pack your bags and be ready for the underground cave resort trip.

Final Words

So, Guys, I hope you like this article and the places too. I selected the best and reasonable stay places in India for you. So I hope you definitely liked it. So this is it in this article. We will again meet in our next article. Meanwhile keep exploring, keep visiting our blog and please make sure to protect yourself from Corona Virus or any other kind of Viruses.

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