Top 5 Best Places For Rafting in India

Top 5 Best Places For Rafting in India

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Best Rafting Places in India

Hello, Guys welcome back to another article of ThExpertGuides. Today in this article I am gonna tell you about the Top 5 Best Places For Rafting in India. So be ready for making a plan to go for an amazing ride rafting. We do all the research before sharing these places so you can enjoy them fully. 

In India, the craze for Rafting and also for other sports is very big. There are many rafting places in India some are cheaper and some are costly so I select 5 places that are affordable and best for your budget. So let’s take a look at these places.


Rafting is a competitive and adventurous sport in which the aim is to navigate downstream on river rapids using a raft. It is a very risky and thrill full adventurous sport. So  I personally suggest you give importance to your safety first. Make sure you took the basic medical kit. 

Also, it is mostly done with teamwork. However, it is very risky but people enjoy this sport very much and it is practiced in many countries. But in today’s article, I am gonna tell you the places in India for rafting. So without wasting time let’s get started.

As we all know about the Uttrakhand. This place is well known for Ganga, Yamuna and Bhagirathi rivers and also for the Hilly areas. So in India Uttrakhand is one of the best places for rafting. It has many places for enjoying rafting.

One of them is in the Bhagirathi River. In this river along with rafting, you can enjoy other stuff also. There are very beautiful landscapes and the stream of very rushing. You will definitely enjoy riding on a raft between two mountains. There is a very challenging course of rafting and also they provide much security.

Well, they prove the Grade 3 to Grade 4 rapids. Which is very good. And the price is according to the distance you choose so the price can vary. But their prices are not too much high, you can set the distance according to your budget. The distance covered is approx 150km highest. So it will be your next destination for rafting.

2. River Ganga, Rishikesh for Rafting in India

Rishikesh for Rafting in IndiaRishikesh is another best option for rafting in Uttrakhand. As I already told you that Uttrakhand is the best place for rafting in India. So there is another option for rafting on the river Ganga. You can enjoy rafting of River Ganga in Uttrakhand’s Garhwal. You can select the difficulty level of rafting basically the distance. The best distance of rafting they provide is 16 km which is from Shivpuri to Lakshman Jhula.

Not only this there are many options for rafting in Garhwal. So it will be your next best rafting destination because there are also very beautiful landscapes and mountains.  The option you choose for rafting totally depends on you and your budget. Well, they provide Grade 1 to Grade 4 Rapids. The price range is starting from 600 INR per person. So on a budget, you can enjoy the best rafting experience here.

3. Beas River, Kullu & Manali

Beas River, Kullu & Manali | rafting The beautiful and adventurous ride of river rafting you can enjoy is in Kullu Manali. As you know this place is well known and famous for its mountains and hills. Basically, this is a hill station. Here you can enjoy rafting between mountains. There the mountain and the nature seen is very beautiful it will make your day.

So, for rafting in the Beas River, you have to visit Kullu Manali. The Rapid they provide is between Grade 1 to Grade 4. If you are making plans to visit there and enjoy rafting so the best season is from March to July. But they provide less distance than the other destination rafting. They provide 16 km approx distance. But at this distance, you can fully enjoy your raft ride.

You can enjoy the adventurous ride on a raft starting price from 400 to 600 per person. So this price rate is very nice for your budget and affordable. So pack your bags for enjoying rafting as well as the hill station of Kullu Manali.

4. Brhamaputra River, Arunachal Pradesh

Brahmaputra River also known as the Lohit River is another option for Rafting in the North-East part of India. There are fewer rafting places in the North-East part of India. But it doesn’t mean that there was no enjoyment. Personally, I feel the North-East part is a more exciting part than the rest of them.  In the Lohit River or Brahmaputra river, you can enjoy Rafting in North-Eastern India. This is one of the Best Places For Rafting in India.

However, it is not much famous spot but this destination is also best for rafting. The type of Rapids they provide is Grade 4. Which is a moderate Grade. But their prices are too low in comparison to other places’ prices. They provide rafting services starting from 400 INR to 600 INR per person. And the distance covered in rafting is approx 100 km.

So, I think in the budget this is the best place for rafting who are living in North Eastern party of India. So pack your bags for enjoying the amazing ride on the raft in the Brahmaputra river.

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5. Kundalika River, Maharashtra for Rafting in India

rafting in india | rafting best places in india We talk about the eastern part and others for rafting in India. So let’s come to Maharashtra which is in the western part of India. There they provide rafting in the Kundalika River. Which is famous for the fastest Flowing river. Kundalika River flows very much faster than others so you can think how much you gonna enjoy there.

The most adventurous ride of raft you’ve gonna enjoy in Kundalika River. And the best part is their price are also low and are within budget. So you don’t need to pay high. The view of the Kundalika River is very great as we all know Maharashtra is a beautiful place. So rafting here is also enjoyable.

Along with this, they provide Grade 2 to Grade 3 rapids. And as I told you that prices are within budget. So, be ready for the trip to Kundalika River to enjoy rafting in Maharashtra. So keep vising keep exploring and keep making plans to go out and enjoy.


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