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Safest South American Countries

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South America is one of the beautiful destinations that you will ever come across. This is a place of beauty and landscape view. South America is quite infamous because of its crime rates as well. You don’t have to worry about it as this blog will help you to know some of the safest South American countries.

South America is one of the destinations which is on everyone’s bucket list. This place never fails to charm you. 

List of Safest South American Countries

Here is a list of some of the safest South American countries.

1) Chile

Safest South American Countries - Chile
  • If you are an adventure junkie this place is a paradise for you. This place has so many outdoor activities, amazing beaches, and various must-visit destinations.
  • There are so many things to see and do that you will never get bored in Chile.
  • When it comes to safety, Chile is one of the safest countries in South America. The only drawback this country has is it is one of the earthquake-prone nations.

Hotels In Chile

List of some amazing hotels that you can visit in Chile:

  • The Aubrey Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Awa
  • Tierra Patagonia
  • Hotel Hanga Roa
  • Explore Rapa Nui
  • Portillo
  • Hotel Hanga Roa

Places To Visit In Chile

Here is a list of some best things to do in Chile

  • Santiago is quite famous for its cultural heritage and entertainment centers.
  • This place has so many activities to get involved in. From museums to galleries to shopping places to food spots this place has so many things to offer.
  • Santiago is in the center of Chile and has an excellent transportation system.
The Chilean Lake District
  • Chilean Lake District is an amazing place to explore nature and scenic beauty. You will find various coastlines and snow-capped volcanoes over here.
  • You can enjoy various adventure activities. Like hiking, biking, volcano climbing, water rafting, Kayaking horseback riding, and many more.
  • In fact, you can enjoy a road trip to a nearby region which is also quite a famous spot.
  • The place lies in the middle of the sea and the mountain range and is around 112 kilometers away from Santiago.
  • This place is an amazing spot for a one day trip. You can enjoy walking around the streets and amazing architecture.
  • You can find many beaches and super fun activities to do. Also visit museums like Maritime, Cochrane, or Naval museum.
Lauca National Park
  • This National park located in Chile is quite a loved destination.
  • It lies near mountain ranges and volcanoes all around. This makes it one of the major tourist attractions.
  • You can enjoy hiking and mountain climbing. Lauca National park has mesmerizing beauty of the lakes and mountains.
  • There are many archaeological sites and parks you can visit.
Pulmonia Park
  • This is the most visited destination which was established around 2005.
  • This place is quite famous for its natural sanctuary.
  • You will find various flora and fauna variety all around.
  • There are many coastlines and forest covers which you can enjoy.
  • You will watch very little human interaction over this place. As no particular development has been there till now.
  • You can also spot some of the oldest trees of the centuries over here.

2) Uruguay

  • Uruguay is a very small yet gracious country.  In fact, this place is unknown so the chances of finding more crowds over here are less.
  • This place is one of the safest destinations in South America.
  • You will find so many pretty beaches over here.
  • To your surprise, this place is popular for super tasty wines!
  • Asado, a traditional beef recipe and Chivito, a steak sandwich are some of the must-try dishes.

Hotels In Uruguay

  • Carmelo Resort and Spa
  • Hyatt Centric Montevideo
  • Hotel Fasano Punta Del Estate
  • Jose Ignacio Luxury Hotel
  • Salto Luxury Hotels

Places To Visit In Uruguay

Punta Del Diabo
  • If you love to surf then, enjoy surfing at Punta Del Diablo in Uruguay.
  • You can enjoy your day on the golden beaches.
  • You can fix a board around the beach and enjoy surfing. Don’t forget to bring your own board.
Montevideo’s Market
  • You can spend your day in Montevideo’s market which is an amazing destination to visit in Uruguay.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the traditional beef recipe over here.
  • If you want to go on a hiking day then do visit mins which is the famous destination for hikers.
  • You will find so many amazing places to walk around the forest.
  • You will spot millions of bats over here in Columbus cave.

3) Panama

Safest South American Countries - Panama
  • Panama is another beautiful and famous destination in South America. You will find many famous canals in the world over here.
  • It is quite famous as a luxurious holiday destination.
  • Beaches and golfs are two must-do things here.
  • You can enjoy an amazing party life over here especially on Isla Colon.
  • Don’t miss out to enjoy the amazing prolific coffee that this place offers.
  • This country is pretty safe to visit as the number of crimes is less.

Hotels In Panama

  • Magnolia Inn
  • Wyndham Panama Albrook Mall Hotel and Convention center
  • Best Western Plus Panama Zen Hotel
  • La Isabela Suite

Places To Visit In Panama

Panama is the land of mesmerizing beauty.

Here is a list of things that you can enjoy in Panama.

Panama Canal
  • Panama Canal is one of the most amazing destinations that you should visit in Panama.
  • You can go to Miraflores locks and then, enjoy a little movie over here.
  • This movie will brief you about the history behind the creation of the Panama canal.
LA India Dormida
  • This place is the home of many waterfalls, and you will fell in love with the panoramic beauty of the place.
  • You can enjoy hiking over here.
Metropolitan Natural Park
  • To your surprise, Panama is the only destination to have a jungle in the city’s center.
  • You can spend your time exploring the jungle or go hiking.
Miraflores Lock
  • If you haven’t visited Miraflores lock, you have missed something worth visiting.
  • It is an out of the world feeling that how the Panama Canal opens up into Miraflores. Creating the way from the Pacific ocean.
  • This place is famous for surfers and is only 5 hours away from Panama City.
  • Pedasi is not only a place for surfers. If you love beaches then, you are definitely going to love this place.

4) Costa Rica

Costa Rica
  • Costa Rica is the right place for nature lovers. It is one of the famous destinations in South America. 
  • You will find many varieties of wildlife here. From Jaguars to Toucan you can spot many different animals here.
  • This place has lovely beaches, jungles, and volcanoes.
  • If we talk about safety then, this place is quite safer and you won’t find many violent crimes here.

Hotels In Costa Rica

  • Four Season Resort
  • The Spring Hotel and Resort at Arenal
  • Oxygen Jungle Villas
  • Andaz Papagayo Resort
  • Gaia Hotel and Reserve

Places To Visit In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an amazing destination. This place is famous for its attractive beaches, volcanic forest and unique wildlife. 

San Jose 
  • San Jose, known for its museums and squares.
  • There is a small coastal village with a forest near this region.
  • You can find many small towns and beaches around.
  • This place covered volcanoes to waterfalls and wildlife all around.
  • It is a whole different culture and why that this particular place offers.
Manuel Antonio National Park
  • This place is a land of extravagant beauty. It is surrounded by beautiful beaches, forest and wildlife.
  • There are so many different butterflies, colorful birds, monkeys over here.
  • If you are a photographer then, this place is heaven for you as you will find many opportunities to capture the environment in its most beautiful and raw form.
  • Dominical is a place filled with streets to explore, beaches to enjoy,  cheaper places to stay and open-air restaurants.
  • It is one of the best destinations in Costa Rica, especially for Surfers. Near the beaches, you will find many vendors selling crafts and other items.
  • This place has so many trees and wildlife to explore.
  • Tamarindo is one of the most visited destinations for surfing, beaching and spending quality time.
  • Once this place was known as a fishing village and now this place has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in Costa Rica.
  • There are different waves ranging from small to big which makes it an ideal place for surfers, both experienced and learners.
  • This place is one of the most eco-friendly adventure hubs. You will enjoy diving, riding snorkeling, turtle watching, and horseback riding.

5) Ecuador and Galapagos Islands

Safest South American Countries -  Ecuador and Galapagos Islands
  • Ecuador and Galapagos are tiny yet home to many beautiful landscapes. You will find many historical cities like Cuenca and Quinto. There are many beaches and jungles along with the Amazon basin.
  • You can visit here with your family as this place attracts young kids.
  • You will spot many rare species over here that you won’t find anywhere over the planet.
  • There are many charming sights to pay a visit.
  • This place is quite safe but you must be very cautious about visiting some places. Although the crime rate in the city has fallen, you need to be careful while visiting Quinto or Guayaquil.

Hotels in Ecuador and Galapagos Island

  • Casa Aliso
  • Sacha Lodge
  • Casa Gradina
  • Royal Palm Hotel
  • Hotel Victoria

Places To Visit in Ecuador and Galapagos Island

  • Mindo is an amazing place for nature lovers and travel seekers.
  • You will find many farmlands, forests, rivers, and hundreds of streams over here.
  • This place is quite popular among tourists because of the variety of outdoor activities that this place offers. You can enjoy rafting, birdwatching, mountain climbing, horseback riding or hiking.
  • You can also learn about so many things about chocolates.
  • This place is quite popular among surfers and yachters and is one of the beautiful destinations to visit.
  • It has so many amazing beach sites to offer. You can spot many turtles over here.
  • The best time to visit Salinas is December or early January.
Quilotoa Loop
  • Quilotoa Loop is a paradise for hikers.
  • The most breathtaking view is around the Quilotoa lake.
  • You can enjoy the local markets set up by villagers. Thursday’s Sanquisili is one of the best markets to enjoy.
  • Located at the foot of active Volcano Tungurahua, Banos is known as the ‘’Gateway to Amazon’’.
  • It is the departure spot of many jungle tours taking place in the region.
  • You can witness Pailon Del Diablo waterfall which offers breathtaking views.

So, these were some of the safest South American countries to visit. Be careful about your stuff and avoid walking on particular roads especially after dark. You need to be cautious and careful. Don’t panic much about the crime in these countries as these are some of the safest destinations to travel. 

Hope you like all that Safest South American Countries, if you have any question or query do your comment down, we will happily respond!

Enjoy your vacation and have happy memories!

Some frequently asked questions

Name the safest South American countries to visit?

Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Guyana, Paraguay, Brazil, and Suriname are some of the safest countries in South America to visit.

Why should one visit South America?

South America is a land of extravagant beauty and is filled with many colorful places. Visiting South America one in a lifetime experience. There are many breathtaking views and landscapes that make this place quite unique.

Which are the most beautiful countries in South America to visit?

Bolivia Peru Brazil Argentina Columbia and Ecuador are considered some of the beautiful countries in South America.

Which are the most dangerous countries in South America?

Venezuela and Colombia are considered quite dangerous countries.

Is Peru safer or Brazil?

Peru is quite safer in comparison to Brazil.

Why is Belize quite famous in South America?

Belize is known for wild cats, jaguars, and Ocelots. Along with it, there are many historical and archaeological sites. It is also famous for its amazing scuba diving sites. Blue hole i.e. another famous destination in South America.

Is Belize safe to visit?

Belize is infamous for its crime rates as well. There is a probability of murders, robbery, sexual assault, violent crimes even during daylight. You need to be extra cautious if you are visiting Belize.

Which is cheaper: Mexico or Belize?

Mexico is less expensive in comparison to Belize. The accommodation, food, eating spots, houses are quite cheaper in Mexico.

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