Road Trips To Chicago Best of All List

Road Trips To Chicago Best of All List

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Road Trips To Chicago Best of All

In this post, you will get to know about Road Trips To Chicago. Travel is something that enlightens you, adds a spark to your dull life, and is rejuvenation to your sagging spirit. You cannot work for 24 hours you need some break and some time to explore yourself.

Undoubtedly, road trips are the best experiences in one’s life. From your home to your destination, you are your own master. Take a halt where ever you want, click the picture and eat food at random places sounds pretty amazing, isn’t it?

If you stay in Chicago and are planning for a road trip from Chicago then, you have clicked on the right page.

Vacation spots near Chicago 


The first question that hits our mind is what are the vacation spots near Chicago? 

The cost of SAUGATUCK, Michigan

It is one of the coolest beaches in the world near Chicago. From adventures to art galleries to romantic spots this place is flooded with so many varieties. 

A small town at a beach coast is a blend of Saugatuck and Douglas style. It is located at a distance of two and a half hours’ drive from Chicago.

If you want to get away from this busy city life then, this place is a paradise for you with so many small towns around.

Places to explore 


Oval Beach is bliss for beach lovers. This place is open the entire year you need to go early to grab a place for yourself. There is an entry fee for the vehicles which vary from $10 to $50 depending on the season. 

The beach is quite clean and you won’t find garbage or any other pebbles or stones anywhere. There are so many outdoor activities available like lounging, kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding.

There are public washrooms, showers, first aid stations, and food stalls available but remember there is no lifeguard, and dogs are not allowed.

How to get there: 

To get there you can take a Ferry chain which costs $1 and then, walks for 6 miles or you can take Perryman Street to the Oval Beach parking area.

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Butler Street 

Butler Street is filled with galleries, shops, places to eat. You can spend hours walking around the street and going through shops. This place is a hub for shopaholics and at the same time is a hometown for homemade beauty and health products. 

Also, this place has the world’s fine wine-tasting. Saugatuck Spice Merchant, Butler Pantry, Art Glass Alcove are some of the most fascinating shops out there. This place is located at a drive of 3hours and 6minutes from Chicago.

Hiking, walking, or trail running this place is a must-go spot for adventure lovers. Apart from that, you need to walk 300 steps or more though it is quite exhausting this walk is worthy enough. 

You will find wonderful locations, scenery, and the view from the top is mesmerizing. There is a small tip try to wear breathable and comfortable clothes and footwear.



If you are looking for a romantic destination to surprise your love on her birthday, undoubtedly this Lake geneva is your place. Rent a romantic boat and spend your quality time. 

It should be noted that this place is not for couples only; the place is equipped with dining places, shopping complexes, entertainment hubs. Don’t worry about the time it is just 90 minutes ride from Chicago and is ideal for short road trips.  

Things to do in Lake Geneva 

This place holds many events so keep a check on the event calendar and try to attend one. You can enjoy the zip line through the jungle which is open entire year. 

There are bike and scooter rentals available. You can enjoy safari and wagon tracks. You will find world-class golf resorts, spas, dancing horse shows, shopping places, and water sports. 

Drink cocktail from the 1885 victoria and enjoy your stay at Abbey Resorts.

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Located on the shore of Lake Winnebago is quite popular among kids for the clothing variety and quality and its eye-catchy air show circuit. Surprisingly, the air show has 15,000 aircraft with different shapes and sizes. 

Furthermore, there are theatrical events, evening movie shows, and educational workshops. You can enjoy your lunch at Ardy and Ed’s Drive-In. This place has a variety of burgers, root beers, an authentic blend of local flavors.  

Address for Air show:

EAA Aviation Center, 3000 Poberezny Road, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Door County 

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Door County | Img src:

If you a nature lover this spot will make you fall in love with nature even more. It is located some 46 miles away from Green Bay. From hotels to campsites you will find major variety over here.

This place offers much fun to do activities like hiking, swimming, sailing, trout fishing. You will find a lovely ancient lighthouse, historic buildings, and harbor. This place is just at a distance of 3 hours 50 minutes from Chicago.

The land of Lincoln, Illinois

This place is quite famous for waterfalls, the sceneries, and what not!

It is located just at a distance of 2 hours 34 minutes.

Burden Falls

The Burden fall is a unit of Shawnee National Forest. It is quite smaller in comparison to other waterfalls in the USA but, is still the tallest in Illinois. 

Bird watching and photography are the two must-do activities here. 

You can enjoy a hiking trail from a forest which is 3.5miles long. You can check in to various hotels available there, from Quality Inn suites Marion to Super 8.

Starved Rock State Park

At a distance of an hour and a half from Chicago, there is a small town called Ottowa. It has this beautiful destination called Starved Rock State Park. This place offers one of the finest hiking and camping destinations near Chicago. 

Red Dog Gill offers a waterfront hangout place you can enjoy the finest mocktails and cocktails at Lodge’s back door patio with a musical ambiance all around.


Galena is located at a distance of 2 hours 45 minutes from Chicago. It is one of the most charming tourist destinations. You can enjoy at a nearby ski resort, you can enjoy rafting and hiking the bluffs. Looking for some local taste and flavors then, Fritz and Frites are the best choices. 

Moreover, if you want to enjoy discounted wine hit the Fried Green Tomatoes on Fridays and yes, don’t miss out on their steaks. 

So, stop wasting your weekends sitting idle at home. Call your friends, grab your keys, pack your bags, and enjoy your weekend to any of these amazing places near Chicago. 

So, here are all best road trips to chicago we listed above for you.

Friends, family, partners take whosoever you want to take along. If you fail to get a company, start your car and enjoy the solo road trips to the nearby places in Chicago.  

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