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VERSATYL Men & Women Polyester Jacket(Ver-111004-M_Ebony Black And Grey_Medium)




Color: Ebony Black and Grey


  • Not Waterproof] INTRODUCING THE WORLD’S BEST TRAVEL JACKET! VERSATYL Travel Jacket with 18 pockets & 29 features, which is World’s first Multi-utility Travel Jacket with A quality all-season jacket. VERSATYL, A major innovation in travel jackets that promises to revolutionize travel. Made from a wrinkle-free and water resistant material this product is aimed at anyone looking for the convenience of clever storage in a outer garment while travelling which can carry from pens to Ipad.
  • The jacket is water resistant & not waterproof. If exposed to long durations of heavy rainfall, water might begin to seep in through the seams.1. Two napoleon chest pockets for IDs/Cards/Money/Passport, 2. One Upper Arm pocket for keys/change/essentials, 3. Two Forearm pockets for keys/change/essentials,
  • 4. Two hand warming pockets, 5. Earphone loops, 6. Pen holder pocket, 7. Mini torch or bottle holder,
  • 8. Phone pocket, 9. Portable charger pouch, 10. Compact camera pouch, 11. Tablet or Document slider,
  • 12. Wallet pocket, 13. Headphone or USB pocket, 14. Sunglass loop + pouch, 15. Carry pocket at the back

Package Dimensions: 58x362x599

Details: Versatyl Travel Jacket With 18 Pockets & 29 Features, Which Is World’S First Multi-Utility Travel Jacket And Also India’S Most Crowd Funded Jacket. A Quality All-Season Jacket. Must For Every Wardrobe! Versatyl, A Major Innovation In Travel Jackets That Promises To Revolutionize Travel. Made From A Wrinkle-Free And Water Resistant Material This Product Is Aimed At Anyone Looking For The Convenience Of Clever Storage In A Outer Garment While Travelling Which Can Carry From Pens To Ipad. For Everyday Use, While Trekking Or While Commuting On A Bike, Cycle Etc And With An In-Built Satchel Which Folds Into Itself And Can Be Carried Around Like A Sling Bag. The Vision Is To Make It The De-Facto Standard In Travel Jackets. Be It On An Aircraft Or A Boat, On A Bike, Trekking In The Countryside Or For Everyday Use, The Versatyl Is What You Want. Key Features Of The Jackets: 1. 2 Napoleon Chest Pockets For Ids/Cards/Money/Passport, 2. 1 Upper Arm Pocket For Keys/Change/Essentials, 3. 2 Forearm Pockets For Keys/Change/Essentials, 4. 2 Hand Warming Pockets, 5. Earphone Loops, 6. Pen Holder Pocket, 7. Mini Torch Or Bottle Holder, 8. Phone Pocket, 9. Portable Charger Pouch, 10. Compact Camera Pouch, 11. Tablet Or Document Slider, 12. Wallet Pocket, 13. Headphone Or Usb Pocket, 14. Sunglass Loop + Pouch, 15. Carry Pocket At The Back.


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