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Bluetooth Wireless Active Noise Canceling Headphones Reduce Environment Noise in Airplane & Noisy Environment | Quiet Comfort Headphones Foldable with Airplane Adapter & Case for Traveler



Brand: VISBR

Color: Black and Silver


  • ✅ Visbr Active Noise Canceling Headphones, it monitors the noise around you and cancels it out. It gives you nice quiet and private experience when you’re setting in a crowded noisy environment like airplane, train and buss. You may enjoy your music and movies in the comfortable volume for you. The noise canceling function can also provide you quiet environment for sleeping.
  • ✅ Visbr Noise Canceling Headphones is Frequent flyer’s delight. It comes with 3.5mm audio cord and airplane adapter to connect with airplane audio jack. You may recharge the battery on the airplane with the come with USB cord for long fly and don’t need to bring extra battery. It is lightweight, foldable and comes with a traveling case.
  • ✅ Visbr Noise Canceling Headphones support Bluetooth 4.1. It gives you stable wireless connection with iPhones, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, LG, laptops and all Bluetooth enabled devices. Wireless connection distance is over 25 ft. Built-in microphone for hand free calls. On headphone control volume, noise canceling, answer and disconnect calls.
  • ✅ Premium Sound Quality for Music and Movies. Clean bass, crisp treble, clean vocals gives you best result for enjoying music and movies. Over-the-Head style, Adjustable headband, Around Ear Soft Smooth ear cushions, you may wear long time and feel comfortable.
  • ✅ Best headphone for frequent flyers. Best gift idea. 1 Year Manufacturer warranty included

Package Dimensions: 91x222x439

Details: Visbr Noise Canceling headphones is designed for Air traveler. The headphones monitor the noise around the headphones user, canceling it out for the user. Enjoying music, watching movies are most people do when travel long distance by airplane, train and buss. But you have to turn the volume very high in order to hear the music or vocal of movies in that kind of noisy environment. With this Visbr Noise Canceling headphones, you can set the volume to the comfortable volume. The noise canceling function of the headphones will monitor and reduce the environment noise significantly. The noise canceling function is not only work when you use it for listening music or watch movies. You may also turn on the noise canceling function without connecting to any audio sourcing. So you may use the Visbr headphones to reduce the environment noise when reading or sleeping.

Visbr Noise Canceling headphones supports both Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio connection. You may connect it to smartphones, iPad, laptop and different kind of devices that support Bluetooth connection. You may also connect it airplane and different type of audio sources that don’t support Bluetooth.

The Visbr Noise Canceling headphones built-in with rechargeable battery and comes with an USB cable that user may recharge it on airplanes. User also may recharge the headphones use their cellphone USB charger.

For traveler’s convenience, the Visbr Noise Canceling headphones comes with a 3.5mm audio cable, a airplane audio adapter, an USB charge cable and a travel case.

Headphones Specification:

Connections – Support both Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio connection

Ear Cushion Dimensions –
Outside: 3.5” x 2.625”
Inside: 2.125” x 1.375”
Headphone weight: 7.6oz

UPC: 013964147674


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