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Exoticca Travel Reviews 2022

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Are you planning an exotic or luxurious holiday? Are you searching for different travel agencies to make your work a bit easier and comfortable? Then, we recently came across the Exoticca travel agency. 

This blog is about a review of Exoticca, a UK based travel agency which has its network spread across the world. 

In this blog, we are going to talk about Exoticca, it’s travel packages, the perks of being associated with it, and disadvantages. Apart from that, we will have a look at the reviews given by people who have booked their travel trip Exoticca.

What is Exoticca?

Before getting into the review section, it is very important to know about exoticca and its services. 

Exoticca is a global luxurious travel agency and its mission is to make everyone’s dream trip come true. They have a team of approximately 50 craftsmen and curators who design your travel trips and holiday packages. They have both short and long trip options available. Exoticca is a member of ABTA Travel Association. In fact, all its trips are protected by ATOL. 

 They have unique ideas and itineraries to make your trip comfortable as well as memorable. The destinations are pretty interesting and existing. From hotels to services, everything is up to the mark. In fact, all their hotels are a minimum of 3.5 stars (out of 5) rated on TripAdvisor. It has received more than 65% of good reviews from different users.

Some of the best travel sale packages:

  1. Brazil and Argentina for 15 days at £ 1,599.
  2. Peru for 14 days at £ 1549
  3. Jordan for 9 days at £ 1099
  4. Russia for 8 days at £699
  5. Ecuador for 12 days at £1799.
  6. The Maldives for 9 days at £1449.
  7. India for 13 days at £1149

 Some of the  places they offer to explore :

  1. America
  2. Africa
  3. Asia
  4. Europe 


Booking your international trip with Exoticca has the following perks :

  1. Exoticca has free cancellation on all their trips. 
  2. They have some of the most budget-friendly packages. 
  3. They have the most innovative and creative ideas to make your trip comfortable in the budget. 
  4. There are travel offers available for a limited time period.
  5. They have the most existing travel destination ideas. 
  6. They have both short and long trips available.  


It is always a great idea to learn from the experiences of others. Their travel experiences might turn helpful. Feedback plays an important role in every community.  If we talk about the reviews around 65% of the reviews are good and people have liked their services. The transactions and online booking and services like e-tickets are pretty smooth and quick. All their hotels have at least 3.5 stars and the services of the hotel are pretty good and satisfying. 

At the same time, some are not happy with their cancellation policies. Many of them who booked the trip for march haven’t got their money refunded. Some are not satisfied with the hotels they provide or cab services. Some of them even complained that the cab didn’t come to pick them up. 

Exoticca is one of the most trusted and easily accessible travel agencies providing luxurious holiday trips on a budget. Hope this blog might have helped you out. Go through their original website and have a look at others’ feedback. It’s always a good idea to connect with someone who has already taken their travel package. 

Traveler’s Reviews On Exoticca :

My sister and I booked an overseas trip to India that is several months off. The price and itinerary are great. Easy to book and everything was very clear. Received immediate confirmation details. Really looking forward to this trip!

Great trip! Customer Sevice was excellent, properties were great and overall fabulous trip!

A good travel company. Sometimes when you make an inquiry about a possible tour you get a bunch of emails and phone messages from a bunch of different agents. But you ask a difficult question and everybody disappears. But the agents are friendly and knowledgeable and try to be as helpful as they can be. Some odd quirks like extending your stay for an additional week was like a really almost unimaginable situation, extremely complicated and took weeks for upper management to figure out. They finally came back with a ridiculously expensive answer which didn’t make any sense. But still, I give them 4 stars because they try hard.

Paige was great in helping us book our anniversary trip – she was very knowledgeable and friendly and that was very helpful. Thanks!

We have registered for the Moroccan trip. The process has been very smooth. Gillean has been very helpful in making the planning as easy as possible

Plan accordingly and decide what is good for you. Bad service can ruin the entire excitement! 

All Details About Exotica Travel Guide:

I like traveling. I’ve been everywhere – in over 70 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America and more every year. I don’t use travel agencies (except when I have no choice; you need a formal trip to enter Tibet from Nepal, for example) – I choose a region, buy a ticket, and then go check it out, deciding daily where I will be tomorrow. Plenty of pure cultures – no canned holidays or ghetto tourists! This is the only way to see the world and its culture.

Sounds fun and easy actually takes some adjustments and rules. This is an unusual travel guide, where I explain all the tips and tricks I have learned over the years and how I am following to make my trip a success. I hope they will work for you too because once you have tasted the freedom and the joy of visiting strange places you will never want to give up!

If you have ever dreamed of seeing the Taj Mahal or Angkor or Tokyo, I hope this guide will help you to see it. I will talk mainly about developing countries, not Western countries. My first trip took place when, as a young student, I decided to go to Egypt and within a week to be in Cairo. You too, too, could be in the 4500-year-old pyramid next week!

Choose a perfect destination for your trip :

The world is a big place. What are you most interested in? Unusual cultures, observing the daily life of people, seeing monuments and museums, huge mountains and forests, cities, or beaches? (The list is neatly arranged to my liking.) That should narrow the list a bit. Here are a few of my favorites, but that’s obviously very humbling.

Unusual cultures:

My obvious favorite here in Southeast Asia and India. Overexertion of nerves, and friendly people. But the Mediterranean coast of Africa and the Americas are also on the list.


maybe you have a destination you can think of: in Europe, you will be looking for Prague, Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome, or some other basic one. A cultural trip like that puts it at risk of collapsing into ten-day marathons in seven days. Don’t do that. If you are in Italy, do not miss Venice; if you are in Paris, don’t miss the Louvre. But don’t build your journey around them. Italy and France are beautiful places to be held in the dusty museums. That’s only the crust on the cake.


what I said about museums also applies here. The place you have selected may contain the pyramids of Giza, Angkor Wat, or the Taj Mahal, but they are not the most prominent places, not isolated places. Try to take them to the end of your journey. Browse the Unesco Heritage List by going to a location of your choice.


I do not know, I do not find beauty in the deserts. At least not longer than in the afternoon. I fell in love with the Himalayas (though not finished) and the small islands of the Indian Ocean untouched by tourism, loved the jungles of the west coast of the US Coast, the Appennine mountains of Italy and the small hills of Tuscany and Marche, and recently spent three days on sea voyages through the stunning Halong Bay Bay. Sea. Also, the World Heritage List helps to find national parks.

Cities fall into two categories:

Older cities and (comparatively) quiet European cities, as well as the most populous and most populous cities in the developing world. Generally, I recommend spending most of your time outside the cities. Rome and Bangkok are great noisy cities but true beauty is found in small rural towns. I would rather spend time in Siena or Montepulciano than Rome, or Chiang Rai or Muang Ngoi than Bangkok. All the big cities share some of the things that do not make you a good tourist – traffic, noise, shopping centers full of Western name shops, business hotels, and tourist attractions. It’s nice to start or (better) end a tour of a big city but I don’t consider them ideal destinations. Unless you’re just talking about a long weekend – you should definitely see Prague, Paris, Amsterdam, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

Then make a list. You have to limit your options to a global region, and you know the natural and man-made features that you would like to touch along the way. You must select a country, or a limited number of countries. Don’t pack too many places on the trip, you can always come back later.

How do we ensure that exoticca quality?

All component of exoticca trips has been rigorously tested to ensure it meets our exceptionally high standards. For example, all the hotels and rooms they provide in their package are selective. All the hotels have to pass minimum certain to qualify :

  1. All our hotels require a minimum of 3.5 stars (out of 5) on TripAdvisor.
  2. They also require a minimum of 65% of “Excellent”, or “Very good” reviews from other users.

Customer Service

For the traveler, no matter how much time is spent exploring the world, it’s often a difficult and challenging process to find information about their unfamiliar destination. Today’s travelers are looking for more than just an ordinary vacation. They want to create lifelong memories and share their journey with family and friends from around the world. Exoticca Travel is here to help! As a full-service travel company, we provide personalized packages that will ensure your trip is one you won’t forget!

Exoticca travel to Norway :

If your idea of a holiday is a tour that includes the best hotels and luxury amenities, Exoticca offers you the best tours to Norway.

Norway is a country with stunning landscapes, from fjords and waterfalls to impressive mountains. It is also home to the northern lights, which can be seen in all their glory between September and March, although it’s not guaranteed.

You must visit all the Norwegian cities to fully understand the history of this country, its traditions and customs. Its capital Oslo is an amazing city where you can visit incredible museums and enjoy music and art. The Norwegian Fjords are among the most impressive natural landmarks in the world.

Choose Norway for your next exotic holiday and enjoy a journey through one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Reviews are given by Traveller on Norway Travel:

Review 1: I visited Norway in June 2019 and I can say it was a great trip. Exoticca is not a Norwegian company so you get assigned a local guide when you arrive in the country. You don’t get to choose the person but I would say it was a wise choice. My tour guide was very knowledgeable, punctual and professional. The group size is also nice as it never exceeded 16 people. For the duration of the trip, we had 3 different drivers with our own bus (a bit too small for such a long trip).

Review 2: My only concern was that we spent too much time on the road to cover all of Norway in 10 days. It’s just impossible to do all of it. Our first day was supposed to be spent in Bergen but as soon as we arrived (in the evening) we were told that due to weather conditions, we would have to leave straight away for Geirangerfjord which is about 5 hours away… So no Bergen at all. The problem with that is that on our way back, the weather conditions were almost perfect and we could have probably stayed another day or so in Bergen. That was disappointing but there are things you can’t control unfortunately and the weather is one of them.

Exoticca travel to Morocco

Exoticca travel is a luxury tour operator offering tours to Morocco for over 50 years! Book your all-inclusive morocco tours with Exoticca travel.

A trip to Morocco is the best way to experience a land of contrasts, a country where modernity and tradition come together to create a unique atmosphere. From the Sahara Desert to the coastal towns by the Atlantic Ocean, from the province of Casablanca to Marrakesh, we’ll take you on an unforgettable adventure.

Our trips are exclusive and private, so you can travel comfortably with your partner or friends, in a small group (maximum 18 people) or privately, at no extra cost. Choose where to go, when and with whom!

Exoticca travel reviews on Morocco

Review 1:  I recently went on an 8 day trip to Morocco with exoticca. The whole experience was great from start to finish. We were picked up at the airport by our guide and driver who was very friendly and polite. The hotels we stayed at were great, well located, clean and comfortable. The itinerary was perfect, Morocco is such a beautiful country and there is so much to see and do here. Our guide provided us with lots of information about the country’s history and culture which made for a very interesting trip. I would definitely recommend this company if you are thinking about going on holiday to morocco!

Review 2: Loved it!
We loved our trip to Morocco. The hotels, guides and drivers were great. We would definitely use Exoticca again. Thank you!

Also, you can read it!

Exoticca Overview

Exoticca is a global luxurious travel agency and its mission is to make everyone's dream trip come true. They have a team of approximately 50 craftsmen and curators who design your travel trips and holiday packages. They have both short and long trip options available. Exoticca is a member of ABTA Travel Association. In fact, all its trips are protected by ATOL.











  • +Unbelievable Prices
  • +Free Cancellation
  • +Hand-Crafted By Experts
  • +Guarantees


  • -Due To Covid Services effect
  • -Customer Support (sometimes only you face this issue)
  • -Refund (little bit slow may be due to covid)
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