Chadar Trek Traveling Full Guidelines With All Details, Travel Under 5k

Chadar Trek Traveling Full Guidelines With All Details, Travel Under 5k

Chadar Trek Traveling Full Guidelines With All Details, Travel Under 5k | Thexplorerguides

Chadar Trek Traveling Full Guidelines With All Details, Travel Under 5k

Chadar Trek Traveling Full Guidelines With All Details, Travel Under 5k | Thexplorerguides

Chadar Trek Adventures Trip Full Details:


Climate graph // Weather by Month, Leh

The least amount of rainfall occurs in October. The average in this month is 3 mm | 0.1 inch. The greatest amount of precipitation occurs in August, with an average of 16 mm | 0.6 inch.

History of Chadar Trek:

The Chadar Trek that we all know as one of the best routes in India was not supposed to be a hiking trail of any mountain trail.

The village of Zanskar with a population of about 14000 connects its iPad administrative capital with the state of Leh via Pensi La, about 250 miles [250 km] from Kargil.

Now, every winter when the temperature drops to 10C to -15 C, the Pensi La pass has a heavy snowfall that makes it completely inaccessible to the locals, making Zaskar completely cut off across Jammu and Kashmir in the next 3-4 months.


Zanskar River:

Now, this is the time when the Zanskar river catches the ice to create an iceberg that we all know as chadar and the locals call it the “KhadoSanglam” and let people walk on it.

The locals in Zanskar have decided to use this less convenient 100km route to Chilling, where they can take the all-weather road to Leh. Every year people wait for winter so that when the river is cold they can make a snowy road and get home.

Even schoolchildren studying in Leh use this frozen method to return home during the winter holidays.

Now all of this looks like a local thing until some travelers looking for travelers who knew about his route and found that these huge mountains along the extended river could be a very good and profitable business.

And now we all know this as the Chadar Trek.

Chadar Trek Traveling Full Guidelines With All Details, Travel Under 5k | Thexplorerguides

Ladakh The Cold Place:

Ladakh is home to many natural wonders, but the most precious gift ever given to this magical world is the Chadar Trek. The excitement of navigating the frozen waters of the Zanskar

Riverextremely low temperatures set the voyage apart from a list of extreme adventures. To add grace to the beauty of Ladakh and its unique experience, the Chadar Trek 2021 has a second kind of charm that surpasses any other adventure.

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Frozen River:

The frozen Zanskar River trek is actually a connecting link between the villages of Zanskar Valley and the cold town of Ladakh and serves as the only and strongest way to stay connected to the rest of the world here during the winter months.

Passing through a deep valley, the frozen river is bounded by huge mountain walls on both sides, making one feel as if you were walking through the high walls of the castle. Cold waterfalls, lush green river trips, cool temperatures, and the warm smiles of the local Ladakhis on a typical day are the things that make Lake Chadar and, in fact, the whole of Ladakh a beautiful paradise to visit.

Chadar Trek Ladakh: Blessed with mountains, glaciers and rivers:

Chadar Trek Traveling Full Guidelines With All Details, Travel Under 5k | Thexplorerguides

Located in the heart of the world’s two largest mountains, the Himalayas and Karakoram, the land of Ladakh is blessed with its many mountains, such as those of Zanskar. And with all the magnificent mountains, glaciers, and rivers, one of the best-fed glaciers, Ladakh has never lacked surprises.


About Chadar Trek Traveling Guide:

The Chadar Trek in Ladakh takes the place of travel and adds its own extreme adventure feature by way of walking on a thick ice sheet. The Zanskar River is very cold in the winter months in Ladakh, creating a kind of ice on it, hence the name “Chadar”.

After arriving in Leh, you will be visiting the Leh market to buy before being tested by government officials for your suitability for the most difficult journey in the Himalayas. The fun of Chadad 2021 is planned in such a way that you will be covering a distance of 65 miles on foot.

Shingra Yokma:

Chadar Trek Traveling Full Guidelines With All Details, Travel Under 5k | Thexplorerguides
You will get a transfer to ShingraYokma from Leh by chilling and Tilad has made your first taste of walking on the ice sheet. You will also be exposed to temperatures below zero here, and find out what is the best place to plant your foot in the snow. Zanskar’s frozen river trail has taken a turn for the worse due to extreme temperatures, so it is very important that you take enough time and caution here.


Places to visit in Chadar Trek: Frozen River, Tibb Cave and Naerak The home waterfalls

After this, the trek leads to many points along the way as you travel along the frozen river Chad of Chadar, to the Tibb Cave, and Naerak, where you will see villages and large cold waterfalls, while the lush green waters of the river flow close to you. As you turn and head back, you will encounter the Tibb cave, Gyalpo, and finally ShingraYokma, where you will return to Leh and complete the experience the next day. All this time on this trip, you have climbed at least 10,400 ft high to 11,123 ft above sea level, and you have found many other benefits along the way.


Chadar Trek: Trail of winter:

The Chadar Trek or Zanskar Gorge is a winter trail that crosses the frozen Zanskar River, located in the Indian subcontinent in Ladakh. Traditionally the only way to get around this place during the difficult winter months. The route has become very popular with international tourists. The walls are close to the cliffs up to 600 m high and the Zanskar River (crossing the Indus) is only 5 meters (16 ft) in the area.

The total distance is 105 kilometers (65 mi) – a pedestrian walk 16 kilometers (10 mi) per day.

The best time to make a trip to Chadar is January to February, [4] when winter temperatures sometimes drop to -30 to 35 degrees.


The journey of Lingshed:

The Chadar trek starts from Chilling but over time the promoters usually drive about 1 km from the first camp at TiladSumdo (10,390 ft). In the following days the expedition extends to the higher camps as far as Nerak (11,150 ft). This is a frozen waterfall and destination for a trip. There is another variation of the journey to Lingshed, and the greater variety goes to Padum for about 14 days. [6]


Nimmu-Padam Darcha Distance:

Chadar Trek Traveling Full Guidelines With All Details, Travel Under 5k | Thexplorerguides
The road (Nimmu – Padam – Darcha / NPD Road, Nimmu is 35 KM from Leh to NH 1) is still being built by the Border Roads Organization (BRO), under the Department of Defense, to maintain year-long communication between Leh and Zanskar (HQ – Padum) and it is expected to be completed in a few years.

Locals have been searching for this road, especially in response to winter medical emergencies. Road construction has affected local wildlife, especially the snow leopard. It used to be the main habitat for snow leopards in winter, but now they live high in the valley. The Chadar trek is perhaps the most glorious of all the Himalayan Indian resorts. No trip on earth can have the aura of this frozen river trip giving you the opportunity to travel over a frozen river at an altitude of approx 11000 ft. Also at temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to 30 degrees


Accommodation in Leh:

(Hotel, guest house, homestay and heating system). Travel is required for travel hotel/GuestHouseinLeh|Tentsduringtravel|DryprivatetentareaduringChadardeparture. Highly experienced,LocalGuideandCarrierGroup|Allstandardcampingequipment vegetarian breakfast,Lunch,Dinner,Tea/Soup|Hotdrinkingwater|FirstAid|sleepingbag.

  • Highly advanced & certified mountain guide and skilled local guide with adequate route knowledge• Vegetarian meals on the trip (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner), cooks/assistants and other staff required.
  • Ordinary carriers / mules for carrying equipment (such as divisions / tents / utensils /), Equipment – Tents on a shared basis / Bedding / Bedding sets
  • Sleep mattresses and sleeping bag (We would like someone to carry their sleeping bag for hygiene problems if one has one)
  • Any equipment required (Cables, Carabiner, and Ice-axes etc.), all permit fees
  • First Aid Foundation
  • Person Carriers carrying bag backpacks
  • All Leh meals include a second-day breakfast
  • Personal travel aids – such as walking sticks or sleeping bags
  • Personal insurance or emergency exit costs
  • Food to/from the head of the trail
  • Purchase of personal environment (such as mineral water bottles / bottled drinks or canned / chocolate / dried fruit etc.)

Things to pack when you are traveling to Chadar Trek :

Rock, cotton clothing, comfortable shoes, one warm coat, fur jacket, warmth, panic or monkey covering head and ears, UV-protected sunglasses, raincoat, good quality (two pairs of gloves), extra socks (4 pairs), water bottle, flashlight, cold cream, sunscreen, toilet soap, towel, Walking Stick, medications you usually use

Chadar Trek Traveling Full Guidelines With All Details, Travel Under 5k | Thexplorerguides

A short trip to Chadar Trek:

Day 1: Leh Reporting Date:

Height 3,500m / 11,400 ft.

  • Keep your fur cap and gloves on at the airport.
  • Guidance and summary of the trip at 12:00 noon (Compulsory).
  • Check into the hotel (10:00 a.m.) (Central room heating).
  • Bring a copy of your ID and 2 photographs of the graphs. Foreign, copy of passport and visa.
  • Network available (paid in the back only).
  • ATM available.
  • A visit to any higher place or pass is not advertised.
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking are not allowed.
  • Spend a day in the room itself to get used to it.


Day 2: Familiar Day:

  • Relaxation Day + Familiarity.
  • Spacecraft included costs (Hall of Fame, Shey Monastery, Thiksey Monastery).
  • A visit to any higher place or pass is not disclosed.
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking are not allowed.
  • Stay in a hotel (Warm room inside).

Day 3: Medical examination date:

  • Get up early and get ready for a medical examination.
  • Drive / travel to a State medical facility.
  • Get your Oxygen and BP readings (There is a long line due to the rush of visitors. It can take 3-4 hours depending on the rush).
  • Afternoon insurance.
  • Enjoy an evening at Leh.
  • Stay in a hotel.


Day 4: Leh to ShingraKoma bus Trek to TsomoPaldar:

  • Height 3,500m / 11,400ft to 3,200m / 10,400 ft.
  • Breakfast at the hotel is included in the cost.
  • Drive to ShingraKoma 70 km, 3-4 hrs.
  • Trip 3km, 2 hours.
  • Compulsory gumboots.
  • Carry two thermos bottles of 1 liter per liter.
  • Sit in tents.
  • Drive through GurudwaraPathar Sahib, Magnetic Hill and the junction of Zanskar and Indus.


Note: – Traveling in gumboots will take a while, so be prepared for a slippery slope! It is best to carry a small backpack that will protect your back during a fall.


Day 5: TsomoPaldar to Tibb Cave:

  • Height 3,200m / 10,400 to 3,300m / 10,800 ft.
  • Travel 15 km, 6-7 hours.
  • A hot lunch is on the way.
  • Make sure you fill your thermos with warm water before you leave.
  • Cross the waterfront.
  • You will only get sunlight at 9-10 in the morning.
  • Sit in a tent.


Day 6: Tibb Cave goes to Nerak:

  • Height 3,300m / 10,800 ft to 3,400m / 11,100 ft.
  • Travel 13 km / 6-7 hours.
  • A hot lunch is on the way.
  • Make sure you fill your thermos with warm water before you leave.
  • Nerak is the first village in the Zanskar region.
  • Arriving on time at the Nerak camp, we can appropriately visit the Nerak valley.
  • Attract the frozen waterfall.
  • Sit in a tent.

Chadar Trek Traveling Full Guidelines With All Details, Travel Under 5k | Thexplorerguides

Day 7: Nerak – Tibb Cave:

  • Height 3,400m / 11,100 ft to 3,300m / 10,800 ft
  • Travel 13 km / 5-6 hours.
  • A hot lunch is on the way.
  • Make sure you fill your thermos with warm water before you leave.
  • Sit in a tent.


Frozen River (Chadar) Trek in Ladakh Himalayas:

The Chadar Trek or Zanskar Gorge is a winter trail in the Zanskar region of Ladakh, India’s Jammu and Kashmir region. Traditionally the only way to get around the area during the harsh winter months, the trail has become very popular with international tourists.If you are a hard worker, the following information should appeal to you. Looking for a new adventure to do this holiday season?

You should try to find out more about Chadar travel. It is the name of a 150-kilometer long trail along the frozen Zanskar River. ‘Chadar’ is a Hindi word, and it means ‘blanket.’ Such a name came from the fact that you have to walk next to a snow bed. The excitement of the trip strikes you when you see the water flowing down the river under your feet under the iceberg.

Chadar Trek Traveling Full Guidelines With All Details, Travel Under 5k | Thexplorerguides

Chadar Trek Tips:

1) Prepare your mind first: This is a difficult journey that comes with many limitations. From the weather to the need for the body. Train your mind to anticipate and accept a level below zero. Remember that there is life there too; For centuries Chadar has been used as the only way to Leh in winter. Your mental strength will show your body to withstand a cold climb.

2) Warm: The following is to keep yourself warm as the temperature drops significantly during this trip. To stay afloat and not be hampered by the weather, use 4 layers of Torso that include a jacket and hot air that is waterproof and has a furry frame. At the bottom, a base layer, warm underwear and waterproof pants with a fur coat should suffice. Make sure your fur and coats have a zipper on the bottom so you can unzip them as the day warms up.

3) Keep a fur cap and gloves (what you need to do): Basically, you need a good night’s sleep to keep you warm on the next day of the trip. Keep a warm water bottle to keep your sleeping bag warm at night. Use the Silk liner inside your bags to keep it warm enough.

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Chadar Trek Tips for you:

4) Shoes: Hiking boots + Gumboots Occasionally, walking in Chadar involves walking on knee-deep cold water. Although hiking boots are highly recommended, gumboots help keep your shoes and feet protected from the cold cold water. It is not possible to dry anything on the Zanskar trip to Ladakh, so gumboots are mandatory and compulsory in shoes.

5) Expect pleasant pain: Chadar is a glossy, slippery ice sheet and will not let you go unnoticed. But no matter how careful one is, everyone falls and slips many times in Chadar. When you fall, just get up on your knees and keep walking with confidence. Gumboots can give you a shoe bite, but you will get used to it as you go.

6) Look and keep moving: Locals can give you some practical training on how to cross the lake on your own. When you look closely, you will see that they are moving fast and taking the

Penguin as a snowshoe. As you watch them, you will learn how to navigate their way through the snow and learn where it is wise to wait rather than to continue or to slow down.

Keep these Tips in mind:

7) Keep your electronics warm: Extremely cold weather can damage electrical equipment. So keep them warm by keeping them safe by putting them in your pockets close to your body it will keep them warm and last longer.

8) Protect your fingers and toes: At temperatures below zero, your fingers and toes are exposed and freezing can lead to severe pain when camping. Take waterproof pistol socks. Two extra socks can help as they collect moisture while wearing gumboots.

9) Heating pipes: Heating pipes are very helpful for those who feel colder than others. These are stressful pads that should fit into your gloves and socks. They release heat and keep you warm for up to 10 hours.

What to do and what not to in Chadar Trek in 2021:

Do’s of Chadar Trek:

– It is always best to schedule an extra day to deal with any unexpected situations such as bad weather, broken bridges, flight delays, potential injuries.

– The person should inform their family before coming on this trip, so in the event of an emergency, they can come and get help.

– Temperature drops significantly in the region. Therefore, it is recommended to keep warm clothes and shoes close at hand. Shoes should also be waterproof.

– As there will be no pharmacies on our trip, please bring the necessary medication and first aid kit, in the event of any scratches or cuts.

– The trip area does not have a grocery store or drinks, so it is a good idea to carry water and energy to provide food such as power bars and other restaurants that will be needed from time to time. We go with a lot of water

– Always be on the lookout for weather reports and avoid getting caught in any kind of environmental damage.

– Walking on the Frozen River is indeed a difficult task so one should not try to be overly smart. Following the tips and guidelines is required to make this trip safely.

– It is best to consult a travel professional before baking a heavy backpack that can reduce your travel speed.

– When visiting monasteries and other religious sites, obey the instructions and instructions

– Obey instructions given by the tour guide or instructor to enjoy safe and sound walking.

Chadar Trek Traveling Full Guidelines With All Details, Travel Under 5k | Thexplorerguides

What not to do with the Chadar Trek:

– As you will be walking in a nature reserve, make sure you do not pollute the surrounding area and put your leftovers back.

– Flaky and oily clothes can block your movement. It is best to avoid such clothing.

– Do not rely on sports or casual shoes as they may cling to the surface of the snow.

– Amazing waterfalls should not be contaminated with the use of shampoos and soaps. So one should avoid using them. Local indigenous peoples use this water for drinking purposes so one should keep it clean as one expects its drinking water to be.

– If you meet nuns or other locals on the way, pointing is not advisable as they stumble.

– Respect the peace of the temples so one should not disturb the monks or prayers in the palaces along the way.

– Avoid heavy meals during travel because it leads to fatigue.

– Avoid: Denim clothing or jeans, soda and alcoholic beverages, plastics of all kinds and cigarettes

Chadar Trek Traveling Full Guidelines With All Details, Travel Under 5k | Thexplorerguides

Quick facts:

Temperature: -5 to -15 degrees (day) and -20 to -30 degrees (night)

Travel Distance: 62 km

Maximum height: 11,123ft

Difficulty level: Difficult

Airport: KushokBakulaRimpochee Airport, Leh

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