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15 Best Travel Jackets

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Travel jacket plays a vital role when it comes to travel. Not only to protect you from harsh climatic conditions but also to add value to your fashion statements. It is quite challenging to find the best travel jacket. So, we have decided to make your work a bit easier by sharing some of the best travel jackets with you. When looking for a perfect jacket, you need to consider different factors from quality to durability to climatic conditions to the right fabric.

Here is the list of 15 best travel jackets so that you can decide which satisfies your needs and budget. 

Here you go!

15best Travel Jackets is Here!


Global travel jackets are just perfect for adventure lovers or parents traveling with kids. What exactly makes this jacket unique is the pocket features it has. 

Yes, you read it right. It has pockets for all your essential stuff. It has separate pockets for your water bottle, cards, sunglasses, mobile, or even tablets. So, you don’t have to worry about carrying these essentials while trekking or going out. It has separate hidden pockets to keep money and all your personal stuff. You will be surprised to know that it has inbuilt features like an eye mask.


Let’s talk about its features in detail: 

  1. There are two iPad or book pockets.
  2. It has two water bottle straps and hidden pockets. 
  3. There are two soft-lined pockets, Carbineer loop, and side vents. 
  4. It has zip-off sleeves, a built-in eye mask, a luggage strap, and a hand warmer. 
  5. There is an earphone holding loop. 
  6. It is built of microfibre and has a waist adjuster and detachable hood. 


Verstayl is quite a known brand for its innovative jackets and ideas. That’s what makes this one of the leading brands worldwide. This jacket has 9 pockets and 18 different features. It is made up of water-resistant and wrinkle-free fabric. 

Let’s talk about its features in detail: 

  1. It has two chest pockets to keep all your cards and essentials documents. There are two hand pockets and earphone loops. 
  2. It has separate pockets for phones, tablets.
  3. There are a separate sunglass loop and pouch. 
  4. There is an inbuilt satchel and pockets at the back to keep your other essential. 
  5. It has two secret pockets, a hood, and a Ykk zipper.


The Baubax jacket is one of the best travel-friendly jackets. Its amazing features and qualities which makes it a part of the top 15 travel jackets. It has few secret pockets as well as a pocket to fit your blanket. Yes, you read it right to fit your blanket!

Along with that, there are other features like inbuilt eye masks and hand-warming pockets. There is a neck pillow in the hoodie so that you don’t have to worry about neck pain. It is one of the best jackets to keep all your essentials from water bottles to sunglasses to passports to your wallet.


Let’s talk about its features in detail: 

  1. There is a neck pillow to support the neck.
  2. There is an inbuilt eyes mask, gloves, and hand-warming pockets.
  3. It has separate pockets for a water bottle for keeping sunglasses and iPad. There is an earphone holder as well.
  4. This jacket has enough space to keep a jacket.
  5. This jacket is made up of microfiber cloth.


Aye Gear is a perfect jacket for every weather condition. So, you don’t have to think twice before picking it. It is just perfect for you if you are an adventure lover. It is quite comfortable, casual, and has different features to satisfy your needs. 


Let’s talk about its features in detail:

  1. It has two hand pockets and chest pockets to keep your money and cards.
  2. There is a touch-sensitive smart pocket to keep the phone. 
  3. There is a separate compartment for pens, cards. In fact, there is a large pocket to keep a tab or a MacBook. 
  4. This jacket is travel friendly due to its technological access. These pockets have fingertip access for all the pockets. 
  5. The fabric is cotton, is water-resistant, and machine washable.

5) Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket 

Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket is the right choice for rainy weather. It has three layers to keep you dry and ventilated. These are available for both women and men in different sizes, fit, and colors. It is best used for skiing and mountaineering. 

Arc'teryx Beta AR Jacket
Let’s talk about its features in detail: 
  1. The jacket is highly versatile, waterproof, lightweight, durable, and breathable. 
  2.  These bags are available in different sizes, colors, and fit. 
  3. These are made of different layers that help to keep you dry and warm. 
  4. There are chest pockets, high volume hand pockets. Keep in mind that their zippers are water resistant but not waterproof. So, avoid keeping cash or electronics there.  
  5. They have laminated, adjustable, and drawback hem. 

6) Icebreaker Women’s Merino Quantum Hoodie 

Icebreaker women’s merino Quantum hoodie is  one of the best travel jackets for women.

It has breathable fabric and is lightweight. It is the best travel jacket for summer as well as cool winds.


Let’s talk about it’s features in detail

  1. It is travel friendly as it is perfectly fit for summer as well as winter.
  2. It smells naturally sweet the entire day.
  3. There is a Persian and interiors from the flap.
  4. It has a fitted hood to keep you warm as well as protected.
  5. Stretchable and comfortable at the same time.

7) North Face Thermoball

The North Face thermoball jacket is perfect for every climatic condition and available in 11 colors and fits. They have quite popular synthetic insulation, which is best to travel to a place with cold climatic conditions. It is available for both men and women. Choose from a wide variety of colors and styles available. Designer lightweight and gives you a puffy look.

Let’s talk about its features in detail: 
  1. It is lightweight, warm, and perfect for cold and climatic conditions. 
  2. It is made of thermoball insulation.
  3. This jacket is available in both with and without the hood. 
  4. This jacket is available for both men and women in 11 different colors and fit. 
  5. They look pretty awesome and add your style statement.
  6. These are durable and water repellent. 
  7. This jacket has two outer hand pockets, one internal chest pocket, and attached pretension hood and cuffs. 
  8. It carries a lifetime guarantee.

8) Mammut Seon 3-in-1 Hooded Coat

Mammut seon 3-in-1 Jacket is a 3 in 1 jacket with longer layers. Its outer layer is made up of Gore-Tex, while the inner side is made up of synthetic fiber. This jacket is in high demand because of its quality and versatility.

Mammut Seon 3-in-1 Hooded Coat

Let’s talk about its features in detail:

  1. It’s a high quality 3 in 1 jacket which has a removable synthetic fiber jacket.
  2. It has two side zipper pockets and an internal zipped pocket.
  3. This jacket has snap buttons on the front side and two side pockets with a zipper.
  4. It is quite comfortable and is lightweight.

9) Colombia’s Kruser Ridge

If you are looking for one of the best travel jackets for women, Colombia’s Kruser Ridge is a perfect choice. 

This jacket has various features, which makes it quite preferable over others. It is quite comfortable, water and wind-resistant, and has zippered hand pockets.

Colombia's Kruser Ridge

Let’s talk about its features in detail.

  1. This is a super comfortable back with zipped hand pockets. 
  2. It is breathable and is made up of 100% polyester softshell.
  3. This fabric is quite flexible and soft, which makes it comfortable for long walks.
  4. There are two zippered handwarmer pockets and a drawcord hem. However, there is no chest pocket or velcro sleeves.
  5. This is a proper blend of modern, simple, and elegant pieces. It is available in different colors and styles.

10) Columbia Mighty Lite III

Columbia Mighty Lite III is another jacket that is a perfect choice for women. It gives you a feminine feeling and has different features which are perfect. If you are planning to go to a cold place Columbia Mighty Lite III is apt. 

Columbia Mighty Lite III

Let’s talk about it features in detail

  1. It has Omni-heat thermal reflective insulation along with Omni shield advanced repellency. 
  2. It has interiors pockets to keep all your cash and essential stuff.
  3. This jacket is quite comfortable and has zipped pockets and thumbholes. 
  4. Made up of Omni- shield shell, which makes it the perfect choice for winters.


If you are looking for an affordable jacket that suits your features and pockets, the SotteVest windbreaker travel jacket is a good option. This jacket is quite known for its high qualities in an affordable budget. If you are looking for a jacket for extremely cold weather then, this jacket might not work.


Let’s talk about the features of this jacket in detail:

  1. This jacket is made up of 100% polyester, which makes it lightweight.
  2. There are approximately 19 pockets in which 14 are interior, and 5 are exterior.
  3. Have removable sleeves and no hood.
  4. There are separate compartments to keep your sunglasses, mobile phone, money, tablet, or pen.
  5. It is durable and reasonable at the same time.

12) Eddie Bauer Rainfoil Packable Jacket

The Eddie Bauer Rainfoil packable jacket is quite comfortable and lightweight. It has adjustable cuffs and hem. This jacket is suitable if you are planning to visit a place which has rainy climatic conditions.


Let’s talk about its features in detail: 

  1. It is made of polyester.
  2. It has a high neck collar, which prevents your clothes from getting wet.
  3. This jacket is durable and breathable. 
  4. It has adjustable cuffs and hem. 
  5. There are closed zip hand pockets and a hanger loophole. 

13) Tumi Packable Travel Puffer 

Tumi Packable travel puffer is a classic travel jacket with a collar carry sack and neck pillow. 

It is ideal if you are traveling outside or going for trekking. It is quite warm, lightweight, and easy to carry.

Tumi Packable Travel Puffer

Let’s talk about its features in detail

  1. This jacket is made keeping in mind 5 prime components like mobility, engineering, versatility, shape, and functionality. 
  2. It is made up of high-tech materials and water-resistant fabric.
  3. It has double entry pockets, zippers, contrast lining, and piping details.

14) Patagonia Houdini Jacket 

This is a simple yet super stylish jacket. It is highly comfortable and durable. If you want to maintain a fashion sense and look elegant, nothing is better than a Patagonia Houdini jacket. 

Patagonia Houdini Jacket

Let’s that about its features in detail :

  1. It is a slim fit and looks super stylish. 
  2. It is made up of Nylon Shell. 
  3. There are a half elastic cuff and drawcord gem. 

15) Orvis Packable Jacket 

Orvis Packable jacket is just the right choice for going out on long road trips; you can find a different variety of colors and fit, although blue is ruling the market. 

It has water-resistant properties, which makes it the perfect choice for the rainy season. 


Let’s talk about the Orvis Packable jacket in detail : 

  1. The jacket is waterproof, so it keeps your clothes dry. 
  2. It has a rubber coating and many pockets. 
  3. It has adjustable opening brims, zip-offs, or snap-off. 
  4. There are the interior as well as exterior pockets. 
  5. It is durable, breathable, and comfortable. 

This was the list of 15 best travel jackets. All the variety is available on amazon. So, grab your favorite one soon. 

Also, you can check out!


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