Best Time To Visit Puerto Rico

Best Time To Visit Puerto Rico

Whenever you make your mind travel Puerto Rico you absolutely get thoughts of what is the best time to visit Puerto Rico.




Puerto Rico is one of the most beautiful islands and its perfect temperature makes this place even more worth visiting. If you are also planning to hit this amazing destination and are confused about when to go, then, this blog will help you out. 

Best Time To Visit Puerto Rico | Thexplorerguides

The answer is you need to decide that yourself. Yes, because this island remains beautiful for the entire year. But for the best experience, the best time to visit Puerto Rico is around mid-April to June. During winter the place is too crowded and a bit more expensive. So, if you want to avoid the rush of winters and rainy summer then, the best time to visit mid-April to June.

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Weather In Puerto Rico 

Puerto Rico

This island has two time periods: peak and off-peak. 

The off-peak season generally starts from July to November. You will find a little rain during this period but is the best time to enjoy Puerto Rico as this place is less crowded and you can enjoy almost every bit of it. You can explore the local places at low prices and low budget hotels and restaurants.

During the peak season which generally starts from April and lasts till mid-June. Although there are festivals and events the entire year there are some special events during this time of the year. You need to book your spot, restaurants, and hotels in advance because of the crowd.  

April and June 

During this time you will find the sunny yet pleasant wind. Although June is quite hot it is also the month of many events that take place. If you want to see the sea turtle nesting in Rincon and Cabo Rojo or want to go hiking then, you need to visit from April to June. 

July to November

Best Time To Visit Puerto Rico | Thexplorerguides

During this time there is a bit possibility of hurricanes and the temperature is a bit high. Not many people visit Puerto Rico during this time period so you will easily find restaurants and hotels. So, if you want to witness the hurricanes you can go. The place is pretty much safe but the decision is completely up to you as it might involve some risk.

December to March

The weather at this time is a bit cold. This is the onset time of winters. At the same time, it is the best place to hit off to the beaches as you will find fewer crowds over there. This is the dry season of the year and because of which this place is quite popular among the crowd.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Puerto Rico 

The prime reason to visit Puerto Rico is the pleasant temperature. The mountains and beaches are added to the beauty. This place is filled with beaches, sports, nightlife, museums, and theatres. You just cannot miss out on the history, music, and art of this place. You will find many budget eating places from restaurants, street food, fine dining, bakeries, and coffee.

Apart from all this what is another reason to visit Puerto Rico? It has its own festival calendar and you will find many festivals the entire year. San Juan Culinary Fest, Three Kings’ Day is some of his famous festivals. All these are free of cost. 

San Juan Puerto Rico
San Juan Puerto Rico

San Sebastian Street Festival is the largest festival in Puerto which happens in the month of January. There are many bright colors, masks, wings, and loud music which is an unforgettable experience of your life. If you want to enjoy the typical Puerto Rico ambiance then, this place is a must-visit spot. Traditional music and modern flavors fused with local street food and music to dance is a lovely experience.

Just don’t miss out on the coffee harvest festival that happens in the month of February. If you want to surprise your bae on this valentine then, take her to Puerto Rico where valentine is celebrated widely with different colors of love all around. 

You can enjoy the local traditional food of the island like roasted pork, fried plantains, Pina Coladas, and grown coffee. 

There are many other activities that are offered to you. Yes, you will be surprised to see the bundle full of activities this beautiful place offer. Scuba diving, coffee tasting, tubing, hiking, snorkeling are some of the activities you will definitely love. 

Best Time To Visit Puerto Rico | Thexplorerguides

This place is so mesmerizing that you won’t ever regret going here. If you are a solo female traveler don’t worry about safety. This destination is quite safe for female travelers, families, youngsters. In fact, the crime rate of this place is quite less in comparison to many other places in the USA. However, be a bit careful about your wallet, money, or bags as pickpocketing and theft are quite common here. So, be aware of your surroundings and try to book the trip in advance. This sol place is enough to excite you and add some flavors to your life. 

So, stop wasting your time and quickly pack your bags. 

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