Best Time To Travel To Jamaica | Best time for Jamaica Travel Tour

Best Time To Travel To Jamaica | Best time for Jamaica Travel Tour

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Best time to visit Jamaica

Wanted to know the best time to travel to Jamaica, this article is for you! This place is really full of beautiful natural views and personally, you will be able to enjoy it every season.

Jamaica is an exceptionally beautiful destination. No matter whether you are a nature lover or an adventure freak this place has many things to offer. From climbing mountains to hiking to underwater activities you just cannot resist from visiting this place again and again. The Negril, white witch golf course, Tryall Club, Dunn’s River Falls, and Park, Montego Bay are some of the must-visit spots.


The best time to travel to Jamaica is from mid-December to march. During this time period, the pleasant weather and perfect temperature add more beauty to the place. And you really able to spent a joyful vacation. Although besides this time period you can try another month also. This place is really full of natural views. 

Here is a calendar that will tell you about the weather conditions and benefits of visiting during the particular month of the year. So you can plan according to your expectation. my best time to visit Jamaica is December time. The sunset of this season is really unforgettable. 


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Jamaica – January to March

This is the ideal time for you to visit Jamaica. In Fact, this is the peak season of the year. If you are a beach lover and are looking for some breeze temperature around then, this time period is ideal for you. The hurricane period during this time is over and the temperature is a bit cold. But, there is a drawback as well because you will find so much crowd, as well as the hotel and restaurants, will be expensive.

All right!

This was about the cost and temperature but you forgot one thing – The events. Jamaica is known for its events that take place the entire year. In January you will find events like Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival in Montego. Bob Marley’s week is there in the month of February in Kingston, which is the home of great musicians. In fact, there is Bob Marley Birthday Bash that is scheduled to be in Negril in the same month. Negril is the place of party junkies. Loud music, street food, and drinks, this place is a complete party zone.


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Jamaica – April to june

During this time period, the season is a bit rainy. People won’t find many crowds on beaches and golf courses and in fact, hotels are much cheaper than any other time period of the year. You can book your room in Jamaica Inn, Ocho Rios. You will be mesmerized by the water views available here. Apart from this, Jamaica Inn offers services like a spa treatment, and games like snorkeling. Kid’s park, casino, water park are bit pocket friendly. There is a Carnival in the month of April which is a major attraction as well.

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Jamaica – July to October

This is the peak season for hurricanes and many constructions take place during this period. So, if you are comfortable with these hurdles you can prefer Jamaica during this period due to no crowd and many discounts. Small advice for those who are traveling to Jamaica during these months is to carry rain gear and umbrella with them.

There is the probability of heavy rainfall in June as well as in September. So, keep a check on the temperature and rainfall to avoid any mishap. Apart from that keep an eye on the temperature and hurricanes that have occurred or have a high probability of occurring.

If we talk about events there are events in June like Caribbean Fashion Week and Reggae Sumfest is, in fact, the largest concert that happens in the month of July. There is a World Reggae dance championship in the month of August which is also a major attraction as well.


During these months the peak season has not started yet. But, there is a probability of heavy rainfall in October. In November and December, there are fewer chances of heavy rainfall and is advised to be pretty safe. You won’t find a crowd and there are heavy discounts as well. The best part is you can enjoy the panoramic view from Blue Hole Mountain above Ocho Rios. In fact near Ocho Rio, you will also find Dunn’s Waterfall which is also a major tourist attraction. The adventure lovers can visit the Negril cliffs. Storms can occur at any moment of the year. There is nothing like no rainfall will occur in March. Weather is unpredictable.

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Hotels in Jamaica

For a memorable stay you must choose comfortable stay. Most of the traveler face issue in stay. And we all know during traveling our major expenses will be taken by hotels where we stay. So here are the few hotels you can consider for your stay.


If you are looking for a romantic location to please your beloved then, nothing is better than The Caves. The place with 12 private rooms and suites decorated in the most romantic style with gardens and cliffs. You will fell in love with its decorum and decor.


This place is the one-stop point for everything you are looking for in Montego Bay. The luxurious hotel has a casino, bars, cafes, restaurants, theatre, spa centers, water sports, diving center, a shopping complex, and what not!!


Strawberry Hill is situated in the Blue Hole mountaintop. This advantage of being in this hotel is the view of the mountaintop. Think how amazing the feeling would be to wake up in the morning and see the sun rising in front of you. This place has small quirky cottages, candlelight dinner, Caribbean flavors, swimming pool, and a wood-paneled bar.

Jamaica is a beauty beyond expressions. It is the hub of many different spots from Port Royal, a small village in Kingston to incredible carnival parties. You will find many party lovers around the beaches, adventure junkies, trying a new sport and people enjoying the sound of water.

If you want to escape from your daily life, hitting Jamaica is never a bad option. You will feel fresh, energetic, and healthy in the lapse of Jamaica. So, if you ever plan to be at an exotic destination, this is your place.

Hope this article helps you to decide Best Time To Travel To Jamaica according to you and what you like most!

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