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7 Best Places To Travel In Himachal Pradesh

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Looking for a perfect vacation in the hill stations then, nothing is better than Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is quite a famous hill station and therefore we bring you the best places to travel in Himachal Pradesh. There are so many places to explore a variety of cultures and the extravagant beauty of nature.

Imagine waking up in the morning and surrounded by hills. It is going to be the best moments of your life. So, to make your Himachal vacation even better, we have come up with this article describing the best places to travel in Himachal Pradesh.

In this article, we will give you every detail about the best hotels to stay, which month to travel and places to explore.

Are you ready for this fantastic experience covered in this serene landscape beauty of Himachal Pradesh?

So here we go…

The Best Places to Travel in Himachal Pradesh


Best Places To Travel In Himachal Pradesh - kullu manali

Let’s start with the very first place, that is Kullu-Manali. Kullu-Manali is one of the best and everyone’s favorite spot. If you want to get fresh air and enjoy the green beauty of mountains, this is your land. There are so many excellent places to explore and different adventure activities to enjoy. You can go rafting, trekking, camping if you are an adventure lover. If you are a bird watcher, then don’t miss out on the Manali Bird sanctuary. If you love to explore the old temples and monuments, then you will find many over here. You can enjoy a complete 4 to 5 day trip in this place.

There are other nearby destinations that you can visit, like Solang, Rohtang Manikaran Malana.

Ideal time to visit Kullu Manali 

The ideal time to visit Kullu Manali is May and June. These two are the peak seasons, so you need to book everything in advance and be prepared for a bit higher prices.

If you want to experience snow then, prefer November to January. This is the perfect time if you are planning your honeymoon in Manali.

How to reach?

Another important question is how to reach Kullu Manali. You can go by road, bus or any of your vehicles. If you are planning to go by train or airplane then, the nearest stations are there in Chandigarh at a distance of 270 kilometers and 252 km, respectively. 

Here is a list of some of the hotels where you can stay

  1. Royal mansion 
  2. Marry Cottage 
  3. Manali Inn
  4. Apple Country Resort


Best Places To Travel In Himachal Pradesh - shimla

Next comes the capital city of Himachal Pradesh that is Shimla. Shimla is the land of personified landscapes and refreshing climate. People love to visit Shimla, and that is the reason it is one of the most preferred places for trips with family and friends. Shopping lovers, this is going to be your favorite spot, you can shop many different varieties from here. You can play polo or trek to Jhaku hill. You can spend your time enjoying the elegant structures and buildings. 

Some nearby places to travel are Tattapani, Solan, Mashobra.

The ideal time to visit Shimla

The ideal time to visit Shimla is either from May to July or November to January.

Just remember, May to June is the peak season. 

How to reach?

The nearest station is Kalka, which is directly connected to the Delhi and Chandigarh railway route.  

Here is a list of some of the hotels where you can stay:

  1. Hotel East Bourne
  2. Snow Valley Resorts
  3. Radisson Jass Shimla


Best Places To Travel In Himachal Pradesh - dharamshala

Dharamshala is yet another beautiful destination of Himachal Pradesh. If you haven’t visited Dharamshala then, you are really missing out on something. You will be mesmerized by the beautiful landscape and greenery of this place. This place is not only popular because it has an exceptionally amazing climate but is also famous for the different cultural background it has.

It is just perfect for friends, solo travelers. You can spot much Tibetian community over here. There are various things to do, like enjoying a boat ride or going to the Royal Kangra Fort. You can visit the most famous Lord Shiva temple and witness Bhagsu falls. You will find many monasteries, museums, and Dalai Lama temple over here.

Don’t miss the tea plantation near Kangra valley. The other nearby places are Khajjiar, Bir Barley, and The unmad.

The ideal time to visit

The ideal time to visit Dharamshala is from May to July, and to witness snowfall, you can go in between November to January.

How to reach?

So, the nearest railway station is Pathankot, which is 85 kilometers away from Dharamsala. Dharamshala is also connected from Delhi and Chandigarh.

Here is a list of some of the hotels where you can stay:

  1. Hotel Pine Spring
  2. Hotel Forest hill
  3. The Divine Hima
  4. Hyatt Regency Dharamshala


Best Places To Travel In Himachal Pradesh - kasauli

Kasauli is just a perfect place if you want to spend the best time with your friends. It is one of the most popular and common spots for school or college friends. It is an ideal trip of 3 to 4 days, and you can enjoy various things here in Kasauli. You can visit Churches that were built in the British era or can go for trekking. You will be surprised to know that the Kasauli has some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunset points, so don’t miss them out.

Walking and exploring nature is one of the best things to do in Kasauli.

Parwanoo and Solan are other nearby points.

The ideal time to visit

The ideal time to visit Kasauli is from November to March and December to January if you want to witness snowfall.

How to reach?

The nearest airport is in Chandigarh, and the nearest railway station is Sonwara. You can also go by bus from New Delhi, and it takes approximately 7 hrs.

Here is a list of some of the hotels where you can stay:

  1. Kasauli Castle resort 
  2. Kasauli hill resort
  3. Wood Stock Kasauli 
  4. Forest Ville hotel and resort 

Mcleod Ganj

mcleod ganj

Mcleod Ganj is a place to explore Tibetian and Indian culture blended together. What is unique about this place is its vibrant colors that are flourished all over the streets. The small little town of Himachal is just an ideal spot for solo travelers. If you are planning a visit with your friends and family, Mcleodganj is never a bad idea. You can go around the city and explore the local markets in shops. McLeod Ganj is quite famous for its woolen and jewelry. Other nearby tourist places are Bir Billing and Dharam Kot.

The ideal time to visit

The ideal time to visit Mcleodganj is from October to June.

How to reach?

The nearest railway station is Pathankot you can also travel by bus for your private car. The bus will drop you at the Mcleodganj bus stand.

Here is a list of some of the hotels where you can stay:

  1. D’s Casa Hotel
  2. Rana’s House
  3. New Varuni House 
  4. Hotel Bhagsu

Solang valley

Best Places To Travel In Himachal Pradesh - solang valley

Solang valley is located around 15 km away from Manali and is one of the most visited destinations. This place has many things to offer from skydiving to paragliding to horseback riding, zorbing, and mini Jeep. If you really want to play in the snow or enjoy skiing then, do visit so long during the winter season.

It is an ideal spot for adventure lovers. You can spend 5 hours in Solang, Rohtang, and Manali are the nearby destinations. You can plan your trip accordingly.

The ideal time to visit

The best time to visit Solang is December and January.

How to reach?

The nearest airport is Bhuntar airport, and the nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar railway station.



Narkanda is the unique destination of Himachal Pradesh. Alpine forests and hills surround it. You can also spot Lake, called Tannu Jabar, also one of the most famous attractions here. You can also locate different temples around the lake. If you are a trekking lover, Narkanda is just a renowned spot for it.

If you are a rock climber, climbing Hatu Nag will be a fun challenge. You can also experience skiing if you are planning to visit in winter.

This place is quite famous for trekking, skiing, and rock climbing.

The ideal time to travel

You can travel to Narkanda at any time of the year. It is perfect for a day trip.

How to reach?

You can easily travel to Narkanda by bus. If you are traveling by air then, Chandigarh airport is the nearest one, and if you are traveling by railways then, Kalka station is the nearest one.

Here is a list of some of the hotels where you can stay:

  1. Echor Narkanda cottages 
  2. Tethys Ski Resort
  3. Skyline Luxury villa 
  4. The Wilderness Resort

Himachal Pradesh is just a perfect destination for friends, family, or couples. So figure out where you want to go and how you want to spend your vacation. Hope this blog helped you out in making a better decision. These were some of the best places to travel in Himachal Pradesh. If you have some other places to add, you can comment below.

Bon Voyage !!

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