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Best Countries To Visit In South America

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In this article, we let you know what are the best countries to visit in South America !

Travel enlightens you and keeps you going. If you are planning for a short trip or want to go on a long holiday. South America is the best option to fulfill your requirement. This place is the land of mesmerizing beauty and wonderful streets to explore.

Solo to couple to family needs this place is an ideal spot for you. Adventure junkie or a nature lover, you won’t regret being in the lap of this beauty.

Countries To Visit In South America

South America has many places to explore and covering it entirely can be a bit troublesome but don’t worry, here is the guide to help you in knowing the best countries to visit in South America.


Brazil is the largest country of South America, with the home of colonial architecture to the spectrum of numerous landscapes. This place has exciting flavors, beaches, restaurants, and what not!



How about being in the world’s largest world forest? Yes, I am talking about Amazon. 

You just cannot miss Amazon if you are in South America. Amazon is not only famous in Brazil, but also in entire South America. 

If you want to enjoy the roar of a tiger or the chirping of birds, be in the middle of the forest, don’t miss out on the Amazon Rainforest. Along with it, there is a city built in the jungle called the Manaus.

Manus is the major hub of tourist attraction and is the home of many spectacular spots. So, before you jump into Amazon do visit Manaus Opera House along with its pastel-pink exterior.


Rio De Janeiro is the symbol of eternal beauty. We all have heard about this place in our 10the standard geography book. It has around the peak of a sugar loaf above the Praia da Urca beach. You can enjoy the cable car ride and walk around the beach. 

Furthermore, you can witness different forts. You can enjoy swimming, carnival, hiking and play volleyball as well.


Pantanal is similar to Amazon but unlike Amazon spotting animals over here is quite easy. Being less dense and thick, Pantanal is the land of carbonaras, toucans, and caimans.

Moreover, you have a fair chance of finding the rarest spices like jaguars and anaconda here.


If you are a water baby, and love scuba diving or snookering, this hidden gem is made for you. Here, you will witness turtles, dolphins, reef sharks in clean and clear water. 

In fact, you will be surprised to know that the number of tourist visitors here is restricted to 400 per day. About 350 kilometers away from Brazil’s northeast coast, it is a paradise for visitors. 


What is interesting about Argentina?

The Andes, wineries, Tango, climate, picturesque streets to landscapes, glaciers indeed every aspect of Argentina is worth visiting. 



Iguazu fall is a must-visit the spot and do you know why? It is one of the 7th wonders of the world and is open 365 days. 

This waterfall is between Brazil and Argentina and can be visited from any part. Remember not to miss The Devil’s throat and take a boat tour to cascades.


Argentina’s heart resides in its wine forestry of Mendoza, surrounded by mountains from all around. There are many cafes, leafy avenues, and in fact, you can enjoy the vineyard through the bike and enjoy at the base camp of Mount Aconcagua. 

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and hit the place.


Buenos Aires is popularly known as “Paris of South America ”. This place has museums, art galleries, and theatre and street arts. 

Be it couples tango dance on streets, world-famous beef, or nightclubs this city never sleeps.


Bolivia, located in the center of South America, is the city of stunning scenery and authentic flavors. This is a must-go spot for once in a lifetime experience. 



Just like its name, this place will surely give you Goosebumps. Originally, it was called the Yungas road and is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. This road is called the death road for a reason you will be astonished to know that till 1994 around 300 drivers died here every year. 

However, this road is considered quite safe these days. It is around 69 kilometers long but landscapes, fog, cliff fall are some of the reasons for the death of the drivers. This place has all the right reasons to be called a death road so think twice before you hit this place. 


It is one of the most pretty and mesmerizing lakes. Surprisingly, the fact is that this place has a man-made floating island. These floating islands were made by Uru people from totora pieces. You can enjoy the boat sites. 

It is the hub spot and tourists love to enjoy the simplicity and serenity of this place.


Want to experience the largest salt flat then, don’t miss Salar De Uyuni. This place is the result of many prehistoric lakes formation. 

The hotels here are built using salt blocks. You can make different videos and click a variety of photos. This place is so popular among the tourists because of the unreal experience it offers.



There is no particular time period to hit South America; you can go there at any time of the year. But, if you are planning to go to Amazon then, the best time to travel is between September to November

Try to go to local shops to enjoy the original authentic flavors. Don’t worry the place is pretty safe but there is no harm in being alert and cautious.

So these are all Best Countries To Visit In South America i hope you like that !

Have a great experience

Bon, voyage!

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