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Apricot Blooms in Ladakh

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Ladakh, the land of jagged peaks and barren landscape is alluring and awe-inspiring. Hidden behind this harsh and forbidding façade are an ancient civilization and captivating people. Here in this post, we will cover Apricot Blooms in Ladakh. Ladakh is really one of the best natural places that every one of us wants to go there. 

Tourism in Ladakh And It’s Apricot Blooms

Beyond the old frontiers lies the land of wilderness with its unaltered character and overwhelming natural beauty beckoning the more intense and adventurous of travelers. This awesome wildness and magic belong to that great land of towering mountains and Buddhist simplicity-Ladakh.

Ladakh tourism

Tourism in Ladakh And It’s Apricot Blooms

The largest of the 10 provinces of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is bordered by the Karakoram chain of mountains in the north and the Himalayas in the south. With the great Indus flowing right through Ladakh, the province is divided into Leh, the capital, Nubra, Zanskar, lower Ladakh, and Rupshu.

The many distinctive features of Ladakh are its uplands, craggy, barren cliffs, and plateaus. Governed by a climate that provides about 50mm of rainfall each year, Ladakh is cold and dry. One, therefore, will be faced with a long and bitter winter of the frozen landscape but yet very beautiful, and a short, hot summer when the precious glaciers melt.

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Events and celebrations in Ladakh

The Ladakh Festival organized on a large scale is now a regular tourist event on the tourist calendar. There are several schemes to promote tourism to the Ladakh region.

ladakh festivals

Celebrations in Ladakh

These include opening up of inner line areas such as the beautiful Pangong Tso Lake on the Indo-China border, Baima, whose villagers trace their descent to the early Aryan settlers, and Nubra Valley which is situated near the strategic Siachen glacier on the Indo-Pak border.

Along with the Ladakh festival, adventure tourism will figure prominently in the tourism package. A white water river rafting expedition along the 26-kilometer stretch from Fhey to Nimo along the mighty Indus River is a thrilling experience. It the highest point where river rafting is possible in the world. The high altitude and mountains make it an ideal spot for paragliding, mountaineering, trekking, and even skiing.

The Ladakhis are keen sportsmen and archery contests are frequently arranged at the village level, which draws all aspiring marksmen. Another popular game, polo, is played with great gusto reminiscent of the Mongol horsemen. The no-holds-barred, robust game is far removed from the watered-down version seen in today’s polo circuits.

Visitors to Skara village near Leh are treated to a local archery contest. As the contestants draw bow and arrow, bowls filled with the delectable apricot, apple, and dry fruits are served to the visitors followed by chang, a heady brew made of barley and our tea, a regional favorite.

ladakh festival

There is a change of scene as the Festival shifts to the Nubra Valley. The sleepy pastoral countryside of Nubra which has recently been thrown open to tourism is located on the Indo-Pak border. A trip by helicopter overflies an intricate network of mountains including the Khardungla Pass, the highest motorable pass in the world. The mountains have a reddish hue.

Nubra boasts of a more liberal and progressive attitude that has been on the ancient silk route and thus open to outside influence. The people are educated and speak fluent Hindi. Nubra is also the home of the double-humped Bactrian camel rarely seen elsewhere in Ladakh.

It is in Nubra that one sees the co-existence of water, mountain, and desert-a rare sight. But then as many will testify, Ladakh is indeed a rare destination.

Apricot Blooms In Ladakh

The Flower tour of Ladakh in Apricot Valley, Ladakh, is the perfect way to appreciate Nature up close, for 8 days. A tour through this place will also see you through beautiful Ladakhi villages and ancient Buddhist monasteries, and of course the mesmerizing flower-filled valley. The months of April to September are perfect to plan this Flower tour of Ladakh.

Starting from Leh and going up to Lamayuru, the last point in this itinerary, you can take a look into the famous Silk Route. The Ladakhi villages are full of beautiful and wildflowers and apricot orchards.

apricot flowers

Apricot Blooms In Ladakh

The valley in the lower part of Ladakh is surrounded by hills on all sides and during the summer season, the meadows full of flowers blooming are just a treat to the eyes. This valley once experienced hordes of camel and yak caravans.

Now it is known as the valley of flowers and is the ideal place to get a break from daily life and spend a marvelous holiday.

During this Flower tour of Ladakh, you can also explore the local markets of Leh and plan a visit to Shey Palace, Hemis Monastery, and Sindhu Ghat. Of course, you cannot miss out on a visit to Pangong Lake with its stunning blue serene waters.

The Khardung La and Gurudwara Pather Sahib will greet you on your way. The beautiful landscapes of Alchi and Lamayuru will also be a grand treat to your eyes and enrich your senses with the genuine hospitality of the local villagers.

The apricot flower bloom signifies the onset of summer after the long and harsh winter of Ladakh. During this period, settlements in the western belt of Ladakh especially areas of Kargil are covered with a white sheet of flowers. It is probably the most beautiful time of the year but only lasts for about two weeks towards the end of April and the beginning of May. Kargil boasts of the highest production of superior quality apricots across the Indian Himalayas.

This tour is a series of easy and scenic walks through the most beautiful apricot farming villages and will let you indulge in authentic rural experiences.

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