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Galwan Valley Of Aksai Chin China with brief History & Travelling Guide.

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Aksai Chin history can be traced back to ages. It is the major reason for a tussle between India and China since the 1950s. This is a portion of Kashmir in the northernmost extent of the Indian subcontinent. It is controlled by China and lies in the Southern part of the Uygur Autonomous Xinjiang region of China.


It is the desert region located at an altitude of 5000 meters above the sea. It is quite isolated and the high altitude which makes it inhospitable and not accessible easily. The land here is rugged and terrain. It has an internal drainage system. The weather here is generally cold and dry. July and August are the months for rainfall in the region.


It is a land of camping ground, lakes and mountains, valley and villages. The region due to less access and no inhabitant was ignored for quite long. But China in 1950 built a military road to connect Tibet and Xinjiang. India objected and claimed it to be a North-Eastern part of Jammu and Kashmir and this eventually led to tension in the borders in 1962. As a result of this China occupied around 38,000 squares Kilometres of the land. And, this region has been a reason for tension between the borders till today. At present, around 15% of total Jammu and Kashmir are illegally occupied by China. India claims that it is part of Jammu and Kashmir whereas according to China it is a part of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.


Galwan River flows from the region of Aksai Chin. This river is around 80 kilometers long and originates in the Samzungling area and flows towards the West. There is a story behind this river you would be surprised to know that this river is named after a man named Galwan.

At the age of 21, he accidentally explored this unknown river in the North-Eastern Ladakh. He was a Caravan in charge of the British expedition during that time. Britishers were really interested in developing a route through this area so that they could connect Indian-Subcontinent to Xinjiang. This route actually worked as a backbone of the Silk route. This is one of those few rivers which were named after a regional explorer of that time


At the time of British rule in India, the two borders were proposed one by Johnson Line and other by McDonald Line. While Johnson’s Line showed Aksai Chin in Jammu and Kashmir whereas McDonald Line placed it in China. As a result, India considered Johnson’s Line to be correct and China accepted McDonald’s line to be right.


When it comes to traveling in Aksai Chin you need a Visa from the Chinese government and although if you want to travel without a visa you can visit it but can see only the partial things. Some places require permission and some are restricted. This pretty place has lost its charm due to the dispute between the two nations. It is one of the most dangerous places in the world and is infamous for the yearlong dispute going on between India and China. It is not wrong to say that it is a mysterious place and traveling here can be quite risky. The blue water, clear sky, and scenic beauty this place is no less than a paradise on earth.

There resides Pangong Lake also known as Pangong Tso. It is one of the highest saltwater lakes in the world. What is strange about this lake is that it is a complete landlocked river and could not flow anywhere. There is no aquatic life due to the formation of mineral deposits. This lake freezes in winters and as soon as the weather warms up it melts down. This lake is about 3% in India and the rest is in Tibet. You all have seen it in Bollywood movie 3 idiots.

If you want to walk on frozen ice this could be your bucket list place. May to October is a quite comfortable time to go and June and July are the peak seasons. Don’t forget to pack your sweaters if you are planning to go here as it is as cold as ice here.

A lot of controversies and fights are going on because of Aksai Chin and the adjoining places. Hope this clash on the border ends up in coming years so that we could explore this beautiful valley

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