5 USA Travelling Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting

5 USA Travelling Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting

Do you want to visit the USA? Here’s what you need to know. Already visited the USA? Going to an English-speaking country is a great way to encourage or stay motivated to learn English. I hope your dreams will come true and you will come to visit the US. I this post we will discuss 5 USA Travelling Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting.

5 USA Travelling Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting

5 USA Travelling Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting | Thexplorerguides

To help you prepare, today I would like to give you 10 important facts you need to know before visiting the US. Well, all of this is my opinion and it comes from my own experience, but sometimes it’s important to know the cultural differences or what to expect before going somewhere.

1. First USA Travelling Tips

5 USA Travelling Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting | Thexplorerguides

All right, let’s start with the first phase, which is airports. First, Airports are not a good representation of the US. Every time I came to the US from a foreign country, I always had an unpleasant experience. Unfortunately, this is kind of a bad way to start our list today. But no, I saw that in Chicago, New York, DC, in many places. So if you have some kind of bad experience at the airport when you first arrive in the US, take a deep breath. I remember coming back from the US from Korea, and in front of us lined up at the cultural office, or something like that, was a very kind Korean grandfather. I think he never spoke English. At least when he tried to communicate with other people, it seemed very difficult. And when the foreign manager talked to him, he kept talking too much and not really trying to understand or help him. I was saddened that this was the first exposure to this man in the US, and I hoped he would have a good experience with other people on his visit. If you have a bad experience, this is just an airport.

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2. Second Tips

5 USA Travelling Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting | Thexplorerguides

The second and third tips are about restaurants. Are you using TripAdvisor when looking for new restaurants? Do you think Americans use TripAdvisor when they want to find a new restaurant or restaurant in their city? No. Every American I know uses Yelp. If you want to find local places recommended by locals, download the Yelp app. This video is not sponsored by Yelp. It’s just normal that we use it here in the US. Download the Yelp app and search for restaurants in your area or if you need a haircut maybe hairdressers in your area. TripAdvisor can be great for sightseeing, maybe some landmarks or things like that. But with restaurants or bars, food, themes, we always use Yelp, so make sure you use what locals use, namely Yelp.

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3. Third USA Travelling Tips

Tip number three, if you are going to a restaurant or cafeteria, you need to give 20% if your service is adequate or good. If it was terrible, horrible service, you don’t have to commend all that. You can give them 10%. That’s up to you. But if the service was at least standard, you need to give them 20%. In the US, the tip forms an integral part of the server income. In fact, the only server fees they charge are tips, so you need to provide 20%. An easy way to calculate this if your bill was $ 32, take that first number, three, multiply by two, six. And there you have 20%. $ 6 is 20% for 32. So you can add that together, and the subscription fee is $ 38. You need to do this again when you get a bar

. Generally, 20% is acceptable. But if 20% is like 30 cents, the best thing you can still do is donate a dollar. The dollar is a respectable low point. I’ve been very server, especially when I was in high school when I was in college as a part-time job, and when someone left a change at the table, which is coins, you felt like they were trying to insult you. Because according to American tradition, if you leave coins, just coins … Yes, if it is a large number of coins, who cares? It’s still a lot of money. But just a few coins, it sounds like a little contempt, so make sure you give them at least a dollar. When you take a taxi, touch 20%. At Uber, I don’t use Uber much. But from what I’ve heard, you don’t have to contact Uber. Uber drivers are paid an average hourly wage for every ride they get, so you don’t have to pay, but you can always type. It is always accepted.

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4. Number Four Tips

5 USA Travelling Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting | Thexplorerguides

Tip number four is about travel. I recommend renting a car when you visit the US unless you are staying in the city center, like New York or San Francisco, very close, because the US is spread out. Even in LA, a large city, it is difficult to move from one side to the other. Or if you want to visit Yosemite National Park, that will be a four-hour drive from San Francisco, so you will need a car because Uber will not take you until you get there. So, think about your trip and be aware that the US is really big, very wide, so you will want a budget car rental when you visit.

5. Fifth Tips

Tip number five has four different components because alcohol in the US is a little more complex. If you buy alcohol in the US, do not be surprised if the seller asks you to see your ID. In the US, it is very strict that you have to be 21 years old to buy alcohol. And if someone looks under 40, the liquor salesman will say, “Can I see your ID?” So for me, I’m 31 years old. Yes, I am 31 years old. I am 31 years old. One time I went to the store and the treasurer did not ask to see my ID, and I thought, “Do I look like I’m 40 years old? Oh, no. Maybe I look older than me.” But actually, the cashier said, “Oh, you’re coming here a lot. However, sometimes people feel angry about this situation. It’s very interesting. So, make sure you have your ID.

Tip 5.1

Tip 5.1 on alcohol that the buyer of alcohol needs an identity document, but sometimes in some stores in other provinces the finance manager will ask to see the identity document of everyone present. So if you have your husband buying alcohol … This has happened to me. We were in a store, and we bought a bottle of wine. He was paying for it. It’s our money, but he was the one who did the transaction. The finance manager also asked to see my ID. This happened to me only twice. One time I had my ID. No problem. But maybe if I looked 16 or 15, they probably wouldn’t sell it because they don’t want someone over the age of 21 to buy alcohol for a young person. We say a small child to a person under the age of 21 because he is not allowed to drink alcohol. Do you think people under the age of 21 drink alcohol in the US? If you have ever seen a movie about college, the answer is yes. However, stores should prefer to follow these types of rules.

5 USA Travelling Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting | Thexplorerguides
Tip 5.2

Tip 5.2 on alcohol that in some states you cannot buy alcohol in a store. It is a government policy that you must go to a certain liquor store to purchase alcohol. This is called the ABC store. So if you drive and see an ABC store, and you visit another place like Pennsylvania, if you’re going to Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, I’m sure other states are like that too, you can’t buy alcohol at the store. Sometimes some restaurants have a small section where you can buy beer and you have to pay for that category. You cannot afford to pay for everything you buy. Just look at this. Check this out in advance to make sure that when you go to the store you can actually find what you want.

Tip 5.3

Tip 5.3 on alcohol is that in some states you can’t buy alcohol on Sundays before a certain time. So in my state, North Carolina, you can’t buy alcohol before noon on Sunday. On one occasion, I went to the mall to fix it and found a pile of big dinner items I had on Sunday night at my house. I was getting a lot of food. I was getting wine, beer. And while I was going to buy everything, the finance manager said, “Oh, I’m sorry. It’s 11:45. I think this kind of law goes back to the idea that you should go to church instead of drinking. I’m not sure. It does not prevent people from drinking whenever they want. But you may encounter this, so it only makes you think about it in advance.

Tip 5.4

Tip 5.4 on alcohol that you can’t drink in public places like a park or on the street. The beach is slightly different sometimes depending on the province. And of course, some beaches may be more subdued or more people drink there, so they are a little more relaxed with the rules, so check this out before you go. Because if you go to a really popular beach in Miami or a famous beach in California, the rules may be different. And if you want to drink beer at sea, you want to do that without worrying that someone will stop you from doing that. So, just look at the rules in advance or ask your friends if they live in those places. After hearing about all those alcohol laws, is it any wonder that America is called puritanical? I don’t really think so. Let’s move on to the next section.

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