10 Best New Year Destinations Outside USA

10 Best New Year Destinations Outside USA

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10 Best New Year Destinations Outside USA

New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to a better future. If you’re planning on celebrating the new year in another country, here are 10 best new year destinations outside USA.

  1. London, UK
  2. Paris, France
  3. Milan, Italy
  4. Madrid, Spain
  5. Toronto, Canada
  6. New Delhi, India
  7. Hong Kong, China
  8. Stockholm, Sweden
  9. Dublin, Ireland
  10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

London, UK

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London, UK

London is a great place to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The city is full of places to see and things to do, including the famous London Eye, which has become an iconic symbol of this city since it opened in 1999. There are also many events taking place throughout January that you can attend or take part in as well (check out our guide for more information).

London is a great place for visitors from all over the world who want an adventure on their visit!

Paris, France

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Paris, France

Paris is a city of romance. Its romantic atmosphere and architecture makes it one of the most popular destinations for tourists worldwide. In fact, according to Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2015, Paris is one of the top 10 places to visit in 2018 and 2019!

The city has been a cultural hub since its founding by Roman conquerors more than 2,000 years ago. Today, it serves as home to some of Europe’s most famous monuments (including Notre Dame Cathedral), museums (Louvre), markets (Les Halles) and restaurants (Le Marais).

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Milan, Italy

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Milan, Italy

Milan is the second-largest city in Italy and a major fashion capital of the world. It is also home to one of the world’s largest publishing houses, Mondadori; as well as some of Europe’s most beautiful churches and museums.

When you come to Milan for New Year’s Eve (or any time), there are many places that you can go so that you can see what it’s like here! Here are some suggestions:

The Duomo Cathedral (Duomo)

best new year destinations outside USA | visit The Duomo Cathedral (Duomo) with loved ones | theexplorerguides
The Duomo Cathedral (Duomo)

This cathedral has been around since AD 696 and is considered one of Italy’s most important monuments. It was built by Charlemagne after he conquered Lombardy from Byzantine Emperor Heraclius who had defeated him in 774 AD at Verona. It was consecrated by Pope Adrian I on December 25th 848 AD during Easter season which lasted three days until January 1st 849 A D when it closed due to lack of funds needed for maintenance costs etc…

Madrid, Spain

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Madrid, Spain

Madrid is a wonderful place to visit in the New Year. The city is home to some of Spain’s best food and drink, as well as its most stylish shopping district. You’ll also discover history, culture and nightlife at their finest here.

Madrid offers everything you could want from a European capital: it has one of Europe’s largest opera houses (the Teatro Real), an excellent art museum (Museo del Prado), several museums dedicated to local artists like Goya or Velazquez; there’s even a castle!

If you’re looking for something more laid back than Madrid’s big city bustle then consider heading out into its suburbs instead – especially around La Linea where such things as vineyards grow grapes used for making alcohols such as cava (Spanish sparkling wine).

Toronto, Canada

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Toronto, Canada

Toronto is a great place to visit in the winter. It has many great restaurants and bars, as well as attractions such as the CN Tower and Rogers Centre. Toronto is also close to Niagara Falls, which can be visited on a day trip from either Toronto or New York City. You’ll find plenty of shopping opportunities in this city; there are lots of stores selling goods made by small businesses around downtown Toronto, including craftsmanship or artisanal goods like chocolate truffles! If you’re looking for something more traditional than that, try visiting one of these hotels: –

  1. The Drake Hotel
  2. The Hazelton Hotel
  3. The Omni King Edward Hotel
  4. The St Regis Hotel & Residences (600 Front Street West) This hotel offers modern rooms with views over Lake Ontario or onto Yonge Street below them! They’re located right next door to each other so if you want both types then choose between yours depending on what kind would suit your needs best today.”

New Delhi, India

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New Delhi, India

New Delhi is the capital of India and also one of the most visited cities in the world. It’s a great place to visit during New Year because it’s full of festivals and celebrations. One thing to keep in mind is that it can get really hot in winter so make sure you pack lots of sunscreen on your trip!

Some fun things you can do while visiting New Delhi, India:

Visit Jama Masjid mosque (near Connaught Place)

It’s beautiful inside with tiled walls, domes and minarets that tower over visitors like giant structures themselves. It has several shrines dedicated to Sufi saints as well as religious relics including toothbrushes used by Muhammad himself—which will surely impress any religious person who visits here!

Go shopping at Khan Market or Karol Bagh

Markets where there are plenty more shops selling traditional Indian clothes such as sarees or salwar kameezes made from silk fabrics dyed with natural dyes instead modern synthetic ones used today (which tend not last very long anyway). You could also find some interesting souvenirs here too like jewelry crafted out carbon fiber which looks very unique compared against other metals found around town  (like silverware).

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Hong Kong, China

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Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is a city of contrasts, with a fascinating history and culture. This great destination is also home to many exciting attractions and events all year round.

New Year in Hong Kong offers visitors an opportunity to visit the most popular places in this region: the Victoria Harbour (which stretches out across about 12 kilometres), Victoria Park and its wonderful gardens, or even sail on board luxury yachts. The city has plenty of hotels or guesthouses where you can stay during your trip so that you won’t have any problems getting around when it comes time for visiting these beautiful spots!

Stockholm, Sweden

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Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a beautiful city that’s home to over 1 million people. It has a rich history and many museums and galleries, including the Nationalmuseum, which houses one of Sweden’s most important art collections. The city also boasts an impressive collection of parks, lakes and islands. It also has some great shopping opportunities for those who love browsing through stores or browsing through department stores like NKL (Swedish for NK). If you’re into foodie stuff then there are also plenty of restaurants around here where you can find all sorts of delicious food items from burgers to sushi!

Dublin, Ireland

best new year destinations outside USA | Dublin, Ireland | theexplorerguides
Dublin, Ireland

If you’re looking for a great destination to visit in the winter, Dublin is a fantastic choice. It’s small enough that it can be explored on foot, but large enough that there is always something new to see. You will find plenty of pubs and beer gardens where locals come together to enjoy live music or grab some food at one of many great restaurants. The city also has an impressive number of museums that are worth checking out if your interest lies in art or history—you may even spot some famous faces while visiting!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a beautiful city, known for its canals and bridges. It has many museums and art galleries, as well as plenty of restaurants and cafes. Amsterdam is also a popular tourist destination.

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More New Year destinations outside USA you can consider

Santiago, Chile:

This South American city is a popular getaway for vacationers looking to escape the cold and snow of New Year’s Eve in the U.S., but it offers something that no other destination does: a view of the Andes Mountains!

Phuket, Thailand:

The beaches and resorts on this island are some of the best in Asia, making Phuket an ideal spot for enjoying some tropical weather during this time period. If you can’t make it there yourself, take advantage of our award-winning travel service offerings—we’ll fly you into Bangkok on our private jet so that you can enjoy your stay there without having to worry about transportation or accommodations costs!


New Year’s is a time for reflection, renewal and change. We hope these destinations will inspire you to start or continue your journey towards an exciting new year filled with travel adventures!

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